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Insignia Flex 8 Won't Charge

Hi there! my fiancé bought me a gently used seller refurbished insignia off of eBay. it did not come with a charger, but it will charge with general high-voltage chargers (I have ordered a genuine insignia charger and am waiting for its arrival). the issue is, it will only charge when you hold the USB cord in a very particular way. if the cord moves at all, the charging will cease. I have tried multiple cords and all of them have the same effect, which makes me think that the charger port is loose/breaking. My two questions are:

1) has anyone had problems similar to these and can fix it?

2) if the charger port IS breaking, where can I pay to get it fixed? obviously since I bought it off of eBay there isn't no warranty, but I AM willing to pay out of pocket to get it fixed (the tablet is in otherwise pristine condition). However, every place that I call says that they don't have the equipment to fix this particular tablet. Does any one know of a place that can fix them?

Thanks so much!