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Hot Spot Information

I am trying to find out all the basic information about Hot Spots. What are they, how are they used, what kind to buy, etc. Any information would really help me out! Thank you! 

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Re: Hot Spot Information

Hello claudia30,

First off welcome to the Bestbuy forums! It is always nice to see new faces around here and and always exciting to find interesting questions such as this.

Well hot spots are essentially areas either where you can make your phone/device form it's own wifi area using mobile data or it is also where either companies or ISP providers such as Xfinity Comcast have provided hot spots for their clients to access the internet via logging in with their client login to access that wifi. Another example would be for example say a fast food restaurant having free wifi that is essentially a hot spot.

So basically a hot spot is a wifi place to keep it simple. What exactly are you wanting to do in a hot spot? Are you looking to make your own? Are you looking to increase the range of a hot spot you have made? Are you looking to just gather information about what exactly is shared from device to device in a hot spot?

There are a variety of security types for hot spots. Including but not limited to password protected and hidden networks where you are required to know the network name.

I guess I should rewind a bit I got a tad excited answering something I actually enjoy (technology heh) . There are basically two types of hot spots. Wifi hotspot and also mobile data hot spot. A wifi hotspot is a hotspot like I mentioned such as Comcast or Time Warner Broadcasting having a wireless network their clients being able to use in a variety of locations locally through out the city. A mobile data hot spot (I've heard it called a mifi ha!) is very similar the only difference is you are basically "tapping" into yours or another persons mobile data to use the internet. Most phones smartphones especially have it setup so you can turn hotspot broadcasting on and off for mobile data so others can't leech without you knowing about it.

So now the juicy part we all want to know about! How to make one right? well I am not entirely sure how to on a Windows phone as I never owned however I do know on an Iphone and Android phone it is quite possible.

On Android you go to settings -> wifi - > more - > portable hotspots (may be listed as tethering!) - > create your hotspot. I would highly advise password protecting it!

On Iphone you can simply go to settings -> cellular - > hotspots. Again I would highly advise setting up a password.

Hmm couple of notes to end on as well

-Mobile Hotspots can take up a lot of battery power if you are running your own so that is something to consider
-You may have to go (at least in Iphone not sure about Android as I don't own one at the moment) into bluetooth and make sure to have your device to "show" as online to others.
-Of course cellular data charges may still apply!

It's a great question actually.

I hope I have answered most of your inquiry but if you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask!
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Re: Hot Spot Information

Are you looking at a No Contract option or do you already have a cell phone provider? If you have a cell phone provider, I would go to them and see what kind of offers they can give you for a stand alone mobile hot spot device. Best Buy does offer a selection of no contract ones here:


Please keep in mind that these hot spot devices are meant for on the go checking of email, browsing Facebook and other light internet activities. They are not meant to replace the everyday internet you use in your own house. Each plan comes with a limited amount of data, once it's gone, you will need to purchase a new plan to continue using it.


Some contract hot spots will not cut you off but will charge if you if exceed your plans limit in the month.

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