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HP tablet Pavillion detachablewill not turn on

This tablet was given to me! Nothing but problems and now it just died!

We suspect the battery , even though it hasn't been used much. It's a 2015, I believe.

I bought a new cord, but it doesn't seem to fit in right. It worked for a couple months, so far, with that cord.

Any help would be appreciated, as we live far from any computer store.


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Re: HP tablet Pavillion detachablewill not turn on

You may be able to go to the HP part website at to see if replacement parts are cost effective for that model. As it's considered old by todays standards (ignore the manufacture date) you may find it expensive to get repair or replacement.


Also, try the HP Support website to see if your model has any known issues with it not working.


An HP representitive @SoMeAm-HP has participate on this forum in the past but I have not seen their presence in a long time. Hopefully by adding their name to this post, we could get some kind of reply from them and see what's going on with your unit.


Sorry for the lack of answers on my part, I'm not too knowledgable with that model. But hope the links above will give you some insight.

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Re: HP tablet Pavillion detachablewill not turn on

Mkasckl wrote:

This sounds like the computer are infected. there are some viruses that cannot be detected ,

If you're sure the computer isn't poisoned, you can use the shortcut key to open the laptop screen, 

Or youn can boot from a USB flash drive  set up a default booting device to boot from it. 


Is this some kind of necro bot post?

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