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Flex 8 synched email unknown

I was ggiven 2 flex8 tablets that have the same problem, They were both factory reset and ars now asking for a previously synched account/email. The previous owner does not remember this info. Is there any way to bypass this or to completely reset .and eliminate this info. Thanks for your help. Patrick

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Re: Flex 8 synched email unknown

There are two levels of factory defaulting for Windows devices. One wipes just about everything and reloads Windows. This option is used if the person is keeping the device. The other level adds more to the reset process and is used if the device is going to be given away.


My question would be which one of these two options were used to reset the unit?


There may be a way to do a forced reset in the event of a lost password. I've never had to do it. Asking this question over in the Microsoft community boards might be a good idea.