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Do you plan on Carrying the HD Homerun Extend Product Online Or In Stores

Hi I would like to know If you plan on carrying the HD Homerun Extend? Product in Stores Or Online I already see you carry the HD Homerun Connect And the HD Homerun Prime Tuners already but I am very intrested in the HDHomerun Extend Product. 


I am Sorry If I Posted this in the wrong section.


Thanks In Advance For Your Replies

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Re: Do you plan on Carrying the HD Homerun Extend Product Online Or In Stores

Your best bet is to read the technology blogs that fellow BBY staff members post about new products that are upcoming. Not only will you find out about what they do but also see speculation on product availability as well.


Following their Facebook. pages are also wonderful too.


Unfortunately no one knows when a store will carry a product so keep your eyes out on every available platform to see if its mentioned at all. And if eventually gets a product placeholder for it, book mark the page immediately and check often to see when it goes on sale.

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