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Cosmetic damage to laptop

The hinges of my laptop have snapped and the frame around the screen has popped out. I can't close my laptop all of the way, and when closed it looks crooked. The laptop runs completely fine. It's strictly cosmetic, however, a burden. Could I get it repaired without any changes being made to my laptop's memory and storage? Also, around how much would it cost? Thanks.
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Re: Cosmetic damage to laptop

The thing you will need to weigh is the age of the laptop, when you bought it, how much you paid for it and how much the repairs are going to cost. If it's going to come close to the cost of what you paid for your unit or exceeds it, consider getting a new one. The Geek Squad can help transfer your data to a new laptop if that is the route you choose to go and also offer other data backup services as well. 


Just take your system into your local Best Buy and they can best advise. 

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Re: Cosmetic damage to laptop

You could in theory get super glue and paper to readjust small frame repairs.

For DIY hinge repair get a really good commercial grade sealant (Automotive, etc) and you can take off the screws holding up the frame from the inside generally and apply the sealant then screw everything back in properly and such.

*Note doing altercations such as paper/glue may void your warranty if you have one. Should also be noted many companies void any warranties if you have even opened the laptop.

A lot of the times it is easier to gauge exactly what it would cost to get a new frame though. This is generally the best option to do in the first place.
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