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Re: Connecting tablet with keyboard case

Hi Jon,


I finally got around to bringing the tablet and keyboard back to the Best Buy I purchased them at. They experimented and were unable to determine which device was faulty. They wanted to send the tablet in to be serviced, but at the end of the ticket, they were informed that this device is not available to be sent for service. They instructed me to contact the makers to figure out what to do next.


So what's the next step? Thank you for your help!

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Re: Connecting tablet with keyboard case

Hello emma-ellway,

I would suggest using the tablet with a different bluetooth device to see if you have the same issues regarding connectivity.

If another device works, you know the issue is within the keyboard.

However, if another device, such as a headset or speaker, has the same issue, then you will know the issue is with the tablet itself. If it is still within the manufacture warranty period, then the Geek Squad within the store will either repair it or replace it for you.

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