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Hello, i jus bought a new flex 10.1” NS-P10A6100 today and i am looking for a case. I have been able to find that there are not many(if any) made specifically for my device the only thing i could find is a folio case which i do not want. I read on here that zny soft case intended for ipad2 will work for my device, what i need to know is if thats true for hard cases. I need a case that is durable an can withstand a drop if one does occur, i would also love it to have a stand built in(preferably in both landscape and portrait views)but not a necessity. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank u very much.


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Re: Case/protection

I am need of a case as well.  The case needs to be durable, and suitable for a small child, such as this one:


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or this one:


{removed per forum guidelines}


What case is the closest to the Insignia 10.1 Flex, model NS-P10A8100?  


An iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab...?


What are other people using currently for a durable case?