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Bestbuy CPU stock?

I see all last gen processors from amd and intel are available from all classes i3 i5 i7 xeon amd fx but they have not stocked up on any kaby lake processors so what does this mean for ryzen? Will bestbuy be stocking up on current gen cpus?

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Re: Bestbuy CPU stock?

I am actually surprised BB went into selling processors.They are a high risk item in that they cost a lot and often people mishandle them and return them as defective after they mess them up.


BB may carry the Ryzen but they need to balance demand for specific item.


I would hazard that many of their customers who are buying processors are gamers who want to build their own rigs.


The Kaby Lake all for it being new, i&-7700K for example, is still higher end middling processor and probably not in high demand even though it is faster than anything BB currently stocks.

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Re: Bestbuy CPU stock?

This will be a good choice!