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Acer Aspire F5-571 series laptop with horizontal lines on screen

My laptop has horizontal lines on the screen that go away when I move the screen back and forth.  I tested the computer with an external monitor and it worked fine, so thinking it might be the cable from the laptop to the screen, especially since it goes away when moving the screen slightly.


Trying to figure out what the estimated cost might be to get the cable repaired.  Hoping it might be $100 or less versus pricing that would suggest just to replace the computer.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Acer Aspire F5-571 series laptop with horizontal lines on screen

It's hard to say what the issue might be without seeing and testing it, but a bad cable is likely in the situation you outlined. This same issue can be caused by faulty display screen, which would most likely exceed the cost of a new computer.

Through Geek Squad / Best Buy without a service plan/warranty, the computer can be sent out to the Geek Squad repair center in Louisville, KY for them to disassemble the machine and determine which part is failing. They would then give you an estimate on parts/labor which you can chose to accept or decline.

There is a deposit required to send the device out for service and this deposit can go towards the repair if accepted, or kept as a shipping/diagnotic fee if you decline the repair.

I am not a Best Buy / Geek Squad employee. All comments and opinions are my own.