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iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

So I picked up my phone this morning.  Its the AT&T version.  I didn't think that I would have to set up voicemail, I thought it would transfer over.  Or at very least be an easy set up.  Not exactly.  I click on voicemail and it automatically starts calling voicemail box.  I'm prompted to either leave a message for the 10 digit number I want to call or to press pound if I have an account.  So I hit pound and entered my cell number with area code.  Not recognized.  I tried the 1st prompt option and number not recognized.  I looked in the setting on my phone and it doesn't even have a voicemail password option.  I reset the network settings, still nothing changed.  Called from my landline and still nothing, except it reset my voicemail password.  Okay that doesn't do me any good since I can't access it.


Can't seem to figure it out.  Not sure if the upgrade went through okay.  When I log into my AT&T account it doesn't show my data as being able to view but my other stuff is there.  May give AT&T a call tomorrow.


Any suggestions, ideas or help?  DanK can you help? 



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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

SameSs me thing here can't get my vm to work


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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

I got it all cleared up.  Called into AT&T this morning and they tried a little trouble shooting and even called Apple a couple times.  Turns out it was a data plan issue.  When the upgrade happened it didn't keep the VVM with it.  She reprocessed that part of it and voila all fixed.  


Side note I had one of the older data plans they no longer carry 200MB with VVM $15 bucks a month.  They tried to tell me I would need to come to the current 300MB with VVM at $20 bucks a month.  I said I'm in exisitng customer and I've had this plan for the last 2 years, there shouldn't be an issue with me keeping it.  I mean people with the unlimited data plan are still grandfathered in.  She put me on hold and came back and said, yes we can do that for you.

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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

Glad to hear AT&T was able to resolve this for you :smileyhappy:

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Re: iPhone 5 visual voicemail not working

Had a customer call me last might with the same issue! After he upgraded his plan features lost his VVM. Took care of it in seconds by adding it back! :smileyhappy: so just a heads up mobile kids! Fix it in ATT POS!