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Droid X by Motorola FAQ - Updated 7/16

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If my pre-order for the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy® has not been fulfilled yet, when should I expect it?
We expect to have almost all pre-orders fulfilled within a week or so of release.


Did pre-ordering the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy® guarantee me a phone on launch day?

No.  However, we do fulfill pre-orders in the order they were placed.


Did Best Buy® take pre-orders for the Droid X by Motorola?
Yes. We began accepting the first round of pre-orders for the Droid X by Motorola on Friday, June 25th, but we stopped taking them on Wednesday, June 30th.  We started a second round of pre-orders on Sunday, July 4th which completed on Saturday, July 10th.  It is expected that pre-orders placed during the second round will not be available until post launch.


If I pre-ordered the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy®, does that mean I was supposed to get it on launch day?
Ideally, yes.  But, this is not supposed to be guaranteed and is completely dependent on how many the store receives from the supplier.  Any inventory received will be used to fulfill outstanding pre-orders in the order they were placed.  For example, if the store has twenty pre-orders on launch day but only received fifteen phones, then the first fifteen pre-orders should receive their phone on launch day.


Is there a charge to pre-order the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy®?
A $50 deposit will be applied toward a $50 Best Buy® gift card.  There is no fee for the pre-order itself.

Does Best Buy® require me to use the Best Buy® gift card, purchased at time of pre-order, towards the actual Droid X by Motorola purchase?
No, the gift card sold to pre-order your Droid X may be used towards any purchase at a US Best Buy® store or on and does not need to be used at the time the Droid X is purchased.  The customer does not need to present the $50 gift card at point of sale to purchase the Droid X.


If I have canceled my pre-order of the Droid X by Motorola and want Best Buy® to refund the gift card associated with it, can I?

If the gift card has not been used and you are in possession of the original receipt, yes.  The purchase of a pre-sale gift card falls under our standard return & exchange policy which can be read in full here.


What do I do if I have a complaint about how my Best Buy® store managed the pre-order process?

The best thing to do would be to talk to the store's general manager as they are ultimately responsible for their store.  Many GM's place their email address on the local store page for their store on


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