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what maps cover

thinking about buying a gps. need one that shows canada and up to alaska. most of them say north america, how can you tell if it covers canada without it saying it does ?

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Re: what maps cover

Actually some Garmin models state Canada map coverage on the product packaging. Only other way to tell is to contact manufacturers or to th entering an Alaskan or Canadian address in a demo unit in store. Seems rudimentary but that's all I can think of
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Re: what maps cover

Correct NickJ_86,  many of the units boxes will indeed have the "maps" of the coverage areas on the package itself.  When you go out to any Best Buy or store, and you aren't 100% sure on the contents that are in there or what the gps is loaded with, Garmin does its best to put this infromation on the bottom of their boxes. 


With that said, should that container not answer your questions to the fullest extent that you are wishing, I would recommend going to their very descriptive website with the model numbers of each unit, to compare and contrast the differences.  Should the unit that you desire not come with the maps that you are looking for, I do know that they have a very big archive of downloadable maps for a fee. 


Best of luck with your gps purchase, and should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let me know!  Thank you for all the time that you took to join and write with the community to ask such a great question. 

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Re: what maps cover

On a personal note I would go with the Garmin line.  We have had nothing but good experiences with Garmin GPS.


If you look in the product feature it should say if it has maps of Canada.


You can also go to Garmins web site and filter the different models.  Many of the models come either with just USA or USA and Canada.






Comes with both.


010-01679-0C  is the same model, the Garmin Drive 61LT-S but without Canada.


010-01679-06 also is the same but does not come with Traffic.


Personally I would suggest the top one.  Lifetime maps, traffic and includes maps of Canada as well.  Lifetime maps will keep you up to date.

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