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Remote start/ security install

I have a 2013 ford f-150 that has a AUTOMATE AM1.5 security system installed as of right now, i recently purchased a code alarm CA6554 remote start/ car security system and i was wondering what it would cost to have the old system removed and the new system installed?
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Re: Remote start/ security install

Thank you for the information about your vehicle it helps out alot. The thing with Best Buy is that the brands that we carry offer their warranty with professional installation that comes included with the prices that you see online or in store.

This year we made it as simple as possible and threw in the additional bypass module ($99) an the installation charge also ($39.99)!
There are a couple additional add ons thst you may have for your vehicle which is the materials charge $5 and a hood tilt switch $10.

From there all of the only thing you have to decide is what range and features that you want to have for your remote start.

The Code alarm that you purchased is a remote start and security system combo. Since it was purchased outside of a Best Buy the following charges will look something like this.

Materials charge $5.00
Remote start security install $239.99
Bypass module $99.99
Relay $12.99
Hoodpin $9.99
Removal charges for old unit will depend on how long it takes ask the installer for more accurate price quote for this at the time of the check-in.

We do offer our lifetime labor warranty on the workmanship, but we cannot warranty the unit and as such should something go wrong with the unit, and it was the unit, the would be nothing we could do besides direct you to the manufacturing company and the back to us with new installation charges.

Honestly the price is going to be very similar to buying a unit outside the company, but we offer a 1 year warranty replacement on all our brains and remotes, our lifetime labor warranty, and the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime labor warranty should you register it.

Personally when dealing with your vehicles starting system I can only recommend buying from us with full coverage, but we do have alot of customers waive this for units that are purchased outside the company. Hope this helps you out a bit. Best of luck!
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