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Amp is cutting off

I have a 2500w mono block running to two 12s. When I take the volume past 25 it cuts off after playing for a least 15 min. I've had a subs before in a previous vehicle that was louder and the wattage was way less with two tens. It is connected to the stock radio with the connection to be able to run it to the amp. What do i need to do?
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Re: Amp is cutting off

There are way to many possibilities with an amp and sub installation that could be causing this to happen.  I honestly try my hardest to not troubleshoot issues within the community, or even over the phone.  When it comes to these installations it could be anything from the guage of wiring, to the product itself and anywhere in between from the battery to the trunk.  I do apologize that this answer isn't as strait forward as you were hoping, but do not hesitate to bring this vehicle into the local installation bay for further diagnosis. 


To schedule a warranty you can either call in to speak with the Autotech, or you can try to schedule by clicking the link HERE.  Geek Squads standard troubleshoot fees start off at $24.99 per 1/4 hour equating to roughly $99.99 per hour.  During that time the installers should be able to figure out the issue and charge accordingly to the time that was spent.  If you are looking for a more exact quote that would require you to visit the Autotechs in the bay.  More often times than not it will take anywhere from 1-2 customs to isolate the issue, and should you want to continue with the fix, a new quote should be provided to you via a mid-call from the tech working on the vehicle.


I hope this was able to help you out a bit, and it is my hopes that you are able to bring the vehicle in and get this problem resolved.  Best of luck!

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