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Video camera

Hello, I'm looking for a camera that can be hooked up to a television so we can use Skype. Everything I've found only works with a smart tv. Ours is wired through Xbox and I want to get my parents one but they don't have a gaming system or smart tv. Ideas on which camera would work?
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Re: Video camera

Well if they are using SKYPE don't they have to use a laptop, tablet or phone.  Most of those devices have a built in camera.


Otherwise if they have a TV with an HDMI input you can get a low end laptop that has a camera in the lid. Plug the hdmi output on the laptop into the TV.


We did this a few years ago when our daugher was in Hawaii going to school over Thanksgiving.  I hooked my laptop to the TV and but it in front of the TV so the whole family could sit around and SKYPE with her.



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