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Getting A Little Tire of My Choices @ Best Buy!

Okay, I'm getting a little tired of trying to buy Fuji gear at Best Buy and having them either refuse to bring it into the store, or refust to carry something completely!  


I prefer to keep local people working, so I shop at Best Buy, but I can't checkout a Fuji X-T2 anywhere and I can't even order the Fuji 50 - 140 F/2.8 OIS Lens through Best Buy!  


What is wrong with the people making these decisions in this company?

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Re: Getting A Little Tire of My Choices @ Best Buy!

Well that sounds frustrating. 


The X-2 is most certainly one of the top of the line cameras in it's price range.


However, Best Buy is not and cannot carry every model of a camera on display that the0y sell. And chances are that even though the X-2 is a phenominal camera. they are not likely to carry a $1700 camera on display. They could have one on displa in every store in the hopes of selling a few every year.


Same thing in computers. They carry a tremdndous selection of high end gaming computers. But almost none of them on display.


Quite possibly the only place you are going to find an X-2 on display that you can physically check out would be a store that specializes only in photography and its related extras.  Locked up in a case that the sales person can take out and hand to you.


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Re: Getting A Little Tire of My Choices @ Best Buy!

Pfft, yeah okay.  They have 5 or 6 different Sony bodies, who knows how many Canon and Nikon bodies, and even Olympus bodies are all on display.  


Simce this has been posted, they have finally gotten the X-T20 in stock, but still will not carry the X-T2 (Which is an incredibly popular camera, with a decent following).