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Canon EOS Rebel T3i Setup

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Canon EOS Rebel T3i



This article will help you setup and get started using your Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It will help you attach the camera strap, attach the lens, prepare the battery, open the monitor, set the date and time, prepare the memory card and focus the viewfinder.


Attach the Camera Strap


  1. Take the camera strap and make sure the Canon names on the strap and buckles are facing outward.
  2. Pull one end of the strap out of the buckle and retainer clip.
  3. Working from the outside of the camera towards the center, take the end of the strap, feed the strap thru the camera’s strap mount and eyelet.
  4. Leave the end of the strap for now and move to the buckle. Loosen the strap to create a loop in the buckle.
  5. Go back to the end of the strap and feed it through the buckle from the bottom to the top, following the curves of the existing loop.
  6. The end of the strap should now be facing up. Adjust and pull tight. Repeat for the other side.

Attach the Lens


  1. Be sure the camera is off whenever you attach or remove a lens. Any time you are taking the lens on or off the camera you want to be very carful to not touch the back glass element of the lens or the camera's mirror.
  2. To attach the lens to your camera, first you need to remove the camera body cap.
  3. While looking at the front of the camera, twist the cap to the left in a counter-clockwise motion to remove it.
  4. Grab your lens and, while looking at the rear lens cap, twist the cap to the left to remove it.
  5. Remember to keep the rear lens cap to protect your lens when it is not being used on your camera.
  6. Align the white index marks on the lens and camera body.
  7. Once they are aligned, rotate the lens so it’s index mark moves towards the EOS Rebel T3i logo. When you hear a click that tells you the lens is locked into place. The lens should lock into place easily and smoothly – if you feel resistance it is not aligned correctly – don’t force it.
  8. To remove the lens, push on the lens release button while simultaneously twisting the lens until the index marks line up again.

Charge and Insert the Battery


  1. Your EOS Rebel T3i is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. To maximize shooting time, charge the battery in the supplied battery charger before each use.
  2. Remove the protective cover from the battery. With the Canon name on top and the battery contacts on the left side, place the battery in the bay of the charger.
  3. Connect the AC power cable to the battery charger and plug it into an outlet.
  4. The light next to CHARGE will be orange while the battery is charging. Once the battery is fully charged the light next to FULL will turn green. Charging could take up to 2 hours if the battery is fully drained.
  5. Like attaching a lens, always make sure the camera is turned off before inserting or removing the battery.
  6. Turn the camera over. Slide the lever towards the camera’s lensto unlock and open the battery compartment cover.
  7. Insert the battery by keeping the arrow on the battery facing toward the back of the camera and the metal battery contacts facing the inside of the battery compartment. You can also reference the proper orientation shown on the back of the battery compartment cover.
  8. As you are inserting the battery, use it to keep the gray battery release lever pressed to one side.The gray lever locks the battery in place once it is fully inserted.
  9. Close the battery compartment cover by pressing the cover until it snaps shut.
  10. To remove the battery, open the battery compartment cover and press down on the gray battery release lever.

Open the Monitor


  1. To complete the setup of your EOS Rebel T3i you need to open the LCD monitor.
  2. While looking at the back of the camera, pull the monitor open, rotate the screen up so it’s facing the front of the camera and close the monitor so it locks into place on the back of the camera.

Set the Date and Time


  1. The first time you turn on the EOS Rebel T3i a date/time screen will be displayed.
  2. To set the date, time and date format, press the cross keys to the left and right to highlight an item to change. Press SET to select. Press the cross keys up or down to adjust, and press SET to confirm.
  3. Continue using the cross keys and SET button to complete setting the date and time.
  4. Once you are finished, use the cross keys to highlight OK and press SET.

Insert & Format the Memory Card


  1. Your EOS Rebel T3istores pictures on SD memory cards. You may use SD, SDHC or SDXC cards. 
  2. When taking pictures with the EOS Rebel T3i we recommend using an SDHC or SDXC card like the SanDisk Extreme or SanDisk Extreme Pro cards that have Read/Write Speeds of 30MB/s or faster. This will minimize any delays when shooting in burst mode.
  3. When recording HD movies with the EOS Rebel T3i we recommend that you use an SD card with a class 6 rating or higher as recording might end unexpectedly when cards with slower write speeds are used.
  4. Always make sure the camera is turned off before inserting or removing a memory card.
  5. As you hold the camera and look at it’s back, the memory card slot cover will be on the right side. Slide the card slot cover towards you to unlock so you can open it.
  6. To insert the memory card properly, hold the card so the label is facing the back of the cameraand the diagonal corner is in the upper left. You can also reference the card slot cover for adiagram of the proper orientation. 
  7. Slide the card until it clicks into place. 
  8. Close the cover and slide it towards the front of the camera until it snaps shut.
  9. Memory cards should be formatted before each use.
  10. Formatting your memory card deletes any data on itso if you have a previously used card, be sure you have copied all your photographs to your computer before you begin formatting.
  11. With your memory card installed in your camera you can now turn on the camera.
  12. Press the MENU button on the back of the camera to display the menus. Press the right cross key on the back of the camera to highlight the 1st wrench icon. 
  13. Press the down cross key to highlight FORMAT and press SET to select it.
  14. Use the cross keys to highlight OK and press SET.
  15. A formatting memory card message will appear while the card is being formatted.

Focus the Viewfinder


  1. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is equipped with a dioptric adjustment to accommodate individual differences in vision. This allows photographers to shoot with their glasses off. 
  2. The dioptric adjustment knob is located on the upper right side of the viewfinder.
  3. While you are looking thru the viewfinder, rotate the knob until the nine AF points are in sharp focus.

For some videos that help to demonstrate these processes, please click on the following link:


Canon EOS Rebel T3i Setup



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