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can i combine paypal credit with best buy gift cards for the purchase of a new mac
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Re: payments

Yes you can use paypal and use Best buy gift cards.  Keep in mind this can only be done online.

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Re: payments

ChristyB76 is spot on.


When I purchaed my HDTV I had been asking for and saving BB gift cards for months. I used 7 or 8 cards when I made my purchase. 


Just enter them on first..


If you have a bunch I would suggest manyally putting them into a word or text document and then you can copy and past them into the checkout.


Then enter your PayPal info

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Re: payments

Hi, SusanDaugherty-


You have a really good question about combining payments on an online order. I have gone ahead and did some research to make sure that your purchase is successful!


When you are checking out, the system should first allow you to enter in the gift cards that you have. This will reduce your total and anything left over can be applied to the second form of payment, in this case, your PayPal account.


I hope you find the information useful. Let me know if I can help you with any additional questions.


Happy Shopping!

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