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New Member
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Registered: ‎08-10-2018 does not process my payment. can I go to store to request an online order?? PLEASE HELP

It seems like whatever I do, cancels my order because 'they cannot verify my information'. They can't tell me what information that they can't verify. And my bank (WELLS FARGO) says there is nothing wrong on their end. I have spent HOURS to buy a freaking computer, that I unfortunately can't find someone else where (If I could I wouldn't spend any more minutes on this AWFUL website).

This is a MAC computer, that needs to ship from Apple, so this item is not in any store (doesn't seem like it), can I go to a store and make this purchase using my debit card with a REGULAR POS MACHINE, and the employees in the store request the product for me somehow. 

If this is possible, can they guarantee me the same price on the website? 

I am really tired of this...

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Order Cancels Immediately after Updating Payment Information (NIGHTMARE)


I've been having this nightmare for the last two days now, and I am about to cry out of frustration. It is unfortunately a repating issue. 

I am trying to buy a macbook. It is a $1700 purchase + student discount. My payment is not immediately authorized. Mostly because it is a large amount, not characteristic of my account, and my bank wants to confirm it with me first. 

So bestbuy wants me to UPDATE THE PAYMENT BECAUSE SOMETHING WENT WRONG. I call my bank.

I tell them: "hey, this is my purchase"
They tell me: "Everything looks good, go ahead and try that purchase"

So I come on I UPDATE THE PAYMENT INFORMATION, by merely resubmitting for payment. And best buy IMMEDIATELY CANCELS THE ORDER. I mean immediately, not five minutes after, not 2 minutes after. The two emails that say that they received my payment and my order is cancelled are dated the exact same minute. 

I have been through this process twice. In both instances the actual amount is taken out of my bank account (to be refunded). So right now I can't keep trying because there is a $5000 daily limit on my account. I have to wait 24 hours to try again. 


I try to find other ways to pay besides this website that has really taken 5 years out of my life.Like, hey can you bring this product somwhere in my city and I go buy it first hand from the store. I'll pay cash if it requires. But they told me sth like, "the best buy needs to order this item too". (I think it is because this is a macbook). But the Item seems available in a city ( or in display, idk if it is the same thin) that is 50 miles away from me. 

It shouldn't be this hard.  I am now afraid I am going to have to wait for the refunds to be able to place another order and I am going to lose both the student discount + and the temporary deal on this purchase. They gave me a case id, stating they are going to honor the student discount for sure. But I hope the price will not go two fold, because this is a deal. 


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Re: Order Cancels Immediately after Updating Payment Information (NIGHTMARE)

I don't know about your bank but I've canceled my own orders before on the same day I ordered and it was refunded the next day but not immediately.

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Re: does not process my payment. can I go to store to request an online order?? PLEASE H

I am so mad, I couldn't even spell correctly. 

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Can I order a product In-Store and pay for it??(PLEASE HELP)

I am trying to buy a product (macbook) that is not ready in stores. I am having a problem with trying to make a purchase online, because the online payment system is not recognizing my card for some reason, and neither my bank or bestbuy customer service understand what is going on. The customer service people told me to go to a store and try it over there.

My question is if a product is not at the store and needs to be ordered from the manifucaturer (MACBOOK), can I go to the store and have someone help me order it, and I pay it regularly, like through a POS machine, instead of using the best buy online purchase system?? 

Please help. I have been dealing with this issue for the last 3 days.

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Re: Can I order a product In-Store and pay for it??(PLEASE HELP)

<p>The short answer is yes, the store should be able to help get your order placed. It still might cancel, but the store should be able to help place the order.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Your cancelled orders might be caused by a few things. Are you trying to ship to a forwarding services? How many MacBooks have you purchased from Best Buy in the past? Have you tried using another card?</p>
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Re: Can I order a product In-Store and pay for it??(PLEASE HELP)

 It first asks me to update my payment information and as soon as I update my payment information, my order gets cancelled. Like the same minute. The payment actually goes through. My bank says there is nothing wrong on their end. and I can see the payment taken out of my account. 

Bestbuy cannot really figure out what is going on either, but in my last call, they suggested that the issue seems to be on their side, and they even provided me with a case ID to make sure I can use my one time promo code again as soon as the payment goes through.

Unfortunately I do not have any other card. 

I have never bought anything off before. At least not with this card. It is a wells fargo debit card tho. 

Once the cancelled amounts are refunded I will go to the store and ask for help. 

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Re: Can I order a product In-Store and pay for it??(PLEASE HELP)

Good afternoon yconder-


Shopping on Best should be quick and seamless, but it’s saddening to hear your orders are being immediately cancelled after you place them!  Thanks for stopping by the Best Buy forums so that I can share an update with you!


I’ve located a couple cases where you’ve been directed by our support team to visit the store to make this purchase.  Knowing your last message stated you were planning on returning for more assistance, were you able to make this trip to make your purchase?



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Re: Can I order a product In-Store and pay for it??(PLEASE HELP)

yes, I had to go to the store and have them order it for me, to pick up from the store.

Fortunately, there were no problems getting the payment through with physically inserting the card into the chip reader.


Thankfully, it is over...

But whatever I tried, wouldn't accept my payment information. The inconvenience wasn't physically going to the store, but the mental frustration deriving from living without a laptop + payment authorization holds (about $4K) on the account from the automatically cancelled orders. I had to wait 5 days to get the refund back so I could go try the store.

Anyways. I have never experienced anything like this before. And at least couple times a year, I make similar (cost-wise) purchases on various websites. Reading this messageboard, I feel like this is a recurring theme for, please have some look at it.