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Why is the website error still persisting?

You can tell how bad of an issue this is by looking at the community forum for as many seconds as it takes for an online order to cancel.


I've been dealing with this garbage for months now. Orders shipped to my location are instantly cancelled. And i'm not interested in the PR lie that is this post.


All of my orders came from the same card, to the same address. I've been a big fan of best buy's gamer rewards program for 3 years now and I've suggested it to most of my friends and family. But from the start of November every order shipped to my home is now cancelled. Originally I believed the lie that it was an address issue, because not only did my address use to work, but so did the address for other members of my family. I really doubt that all 5 of the residential locations would be flagged as a freight location or whatever.


The next fallacy? The payment option! Get this, not only did I use my own debit and credit cards (Which worked fine in store by the by, all the correct info and everything) but even a purchase covered entirely by a best buy gift card (Which I now regret asking for) was cancelled.

I get my post will do nothing. I've worked online customer service myself. I know I'll get some cheap answer, my thread will be considered answered even though it won't be. But to you employed by Best Buy, is it fun to just hide topics all the time here?


If I can be humored with a legitimate answer, is there a way we could actually voice concern about this issue that has been going on for over 2 months now to any party that is paying attention. Because clearly the people in management don't think those of us pleagued by this issue is effecting the company as a whole enough to treat it with any urgency.


I'm just dissapointed, and feel like venting. It's not like anything anyone else here has said and helped. I saw someone post a fix as going to a store and buying the item there. Kind of defeats the purpose of being able to order things online. For a bit it seemed like Best Buy could really compete with Amazon. Best buy's Gamer program was 30$ for two years. And you got cash back! What a steal. But it seems to have been lost potential.


tl;dr I'm bummed that it's come to this, my topic will be swept up under the deleted/trash rug with useless answers, and nobody at best buy will care.

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Re: Why is the website error still persisting?

Hi RotoMidenhall,

I’m sorry your orders got cancelled that definatley stinks. I wouldn’t be happy either! As I dont work for Best Buy I’m unable to determine exactly why however that link you posted includes a number of reasons why they would be cancelled. A moderator will touch base with you and do their best to assist you. Just bear with them as they are still in the holiday post mode where it is a lot of posts. I do hope this helps!