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I'm sure this isn't the right place to post this, but since there's absolutely no other way to communicate with Best Buy on this website, (even the little feedback tab on the side doesn't give you an option to use words, and the 'chat with a representative' tab has said 'not available' for two weeks,) which, incidently, is how long I've been trying to purchase a laptop. I tried to buy one on the website initially with a coupon you send me in my email, then when I try to buy it, it says I changed my order and the coupons no good anymore, which wasn't true. I found an open-box at a Best Buy store though and purchased that. But the computer inside the box was not the computer specified on the outside of the box. By the time I realized because it was soooo slow, I had personal information on it already. So before I returned it, under direction from this website, I wiped the hard drive with DBAN. Then I couldn't return it because it had Windows 8.1 on it when I bought it. So I had to get a copy of Windows 8.1 and reinstall it even though the geeks immediately erased it and installed Windows 10 anyway when I returned it. Then I order a new laptop here on the site. And a week later I get the wrong laptop delivered in a HUGE 3'x3'x3' box that wasn't even taped shut and was just dropped on the steps in front of my house in the rain. The inner flat box kept the computer dry, but it was still the wrong one, and easily could've been rain damaged or stolen...Now I'm waiting til next week for you to ship me the correct computer. Meanwhile classes started 3 weeks ago and it's not even a stretch to say that it's your fault I'm so far behind. GET IT TOGETHER! I will NEVER try to purchase something from Best Buy again and I couldn't possibly recommend it. Just a ridiculous fiasco...

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Re: The WORST!

Hello PreciousChaos,


You know, I have at one time or another had everything you describe happen, but I must say that it has never happened as a long string of events beginning with a single purchase. I do know that I would be unbelievably aggravated if this happened to me. I was mightily discouraged to hear how this has unfolded for you and I apologize for our having disappointed you.


While I certainly understand how you have come to feel that way, I was unhappy nonetheless to hear that this experience may influence your choice of Best Buy as a future shopping destination. It's my hope that you'll give us a new opportunity one day to reverse that sentiment.


Please know I will make your remarks available in full to our corporate teams as well. We cannot hope to improve without the feedback of our valued customers.


Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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I just received the third laptop that still isn't the one I ordered! I'm done. You're ridiculous, Best Buy. Outta control..

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Do yourself a favor and shop on Amazon instead...

How on Earth can you people make SO MANY MISTAKES and let so many customers go unsatisfied on their reasonable claims, including myself, and somehow manage to keep most of your doors open? I see now, as I look over the wasteland of ignored messages from rightfully angry customers, that there is little hope. It is an absolute nightmare reading through these forums. I certainly wish I had done so before I made the mistake of shopping Best Buy. So I'm going to share a link to these forums on social media so that at least my friends and theirs can be aware of the quagmire they could step into doing business with you. You should be ashamed! I would be embarrassed to work there!