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Problems reseting a password

So my father has an account in wich he gets savings coupons and offers right to his email account, but we've been trying to login to use those coupons but it says we got the wrong password or email, so we tried reseting it and we get an email saying there's no account associated with that email account, even though we get our coupons directly to that email account, with my father's name and everything.

I also tried setting a new account with my email and it won't let, claims something went wrong, doesn't say what exactly.


any help would be apreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Problems reseting a password

Moderators won't be able to assist in resetting your fathers password due to privacy policies. But he can create an account and reach out to them to have it reset I think.
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Re: Problems reseting a password

Hello pachikn0,


It's always frustrating to be locked out of an online account and unable to make the needed changes. I was discouraged to hear this is your father's situation and I regret any inconvenience to him or you as a result.


If you are writing to us about your father's account or My Best Buy membership, jxs2 is right: Best Buy's Privacy Policy governs how we must protect our customers' valuable private information and under what conditions it may be shared or updated. With apologies, as you are not the owner of the account, your father will need to contact us with a request for assistance.


I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us.



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