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Most of order canceled on me?

A little over a week ago(March 2nd), I placed an order for a new computer and two monitors, as I'd recently received my tax return and my current computer is, to put it bluntly, in the process of trying to die on me. I don't know how long it'll last, as the hard drive's failing.

That's not the present problem, though, that brings me here.

The computer I chose came with Kaspersky, free, for 6 months for 3 devices... A value of apparently $29.99. I haven't installed it on ANY device yet(Despite an email reminding me), since I don't want to do that on a computer with a failing hard drive(That also already has Kaspersky on it good for another 32 days - And again, failing hard drive. Anyway), and wanted to wait for the new computer.

The other day(It's 1am here now, so that now qualifies as 'the other day'), I got an email that said the monitors had arrived. Yay! Earlier than expected, was going to go pick them up today(Sunday March 12), at the earliest opportunity, and continue to wait for the PC in anticipation.

Except there's a problem, which brings me here. I got a text yesterday at about 9pm PST(And only just noticed it in the past half hour) that part of my order had been canceled. What?

As it turns out, the entire computer and monitors were canceled on me, and digging on the forum shows it may be an error in the coding? But there's a pretty big problem.

It didn't cancel Kaspersky.

So I'm being charged $30 for a product that I only got because it came free with another item I WAS getting, which means if I go in to the store in the afternoon(Earliest opportunity), and have to place the order again, not only will I be $29.99 short, the full amount for computer and monitors is still on hold on my card.

If I go in to the store, will they be able to fix it, or do I need to go through a lengthy process of calling 20 people and waiting on hold with two different companies? Because I'm not the biggest fan of phone calls in the least, for one, and for another, the next chance I MIGHT have to make a phone call would be Tuesday... And by then, that $29.99 will have probably gone through.

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Re: Most of order canceled on me?

There is... No edit feature on these forums. Huh.

After perusing the Help Center, I remembered something from my order page - It said tax information updated. I would have thought ALL tax information would be entered upon order for Nevada(State I live in), so tax should be 8.015%(Or... 8.15%? One of the two), is there another tax or more the entire website somehow missed at time of order?
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Re: Most of order canceled on me?

So now I'm even more confused about the order. The order status screen still says that my monitors have been canceled(The only physical part of the order to have arrived at the store), but I checked my account and it says I've been charged for them - It says available balance is now $506.52(So, tower plus tax), with a charge from Best Buy for $259.54(I'm going to wager, monitors plus "free" Kaspersky 6 month subscription for 3 devices). I went in yesterday to see what was going on, if they could find a reason for the cancelation, but it came back to "I need to call" - Which I didn't do when I got home because by the time I got home again, I didn't want to do anything more for 'in person' human interraction(Plus... I kind of dislike phone calls..). I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow?

Should I post the order number here, by the way? I've seen people's order numbers removed "per forum guidlines" and wasn't sure

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Re: Most of order canceled on me?

Good Afternoon BKafader042087,


Thank you for taking time out of your day to share your order woes with us here on the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! It’s discouraging to hear you may have been charged for the Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and pieces of your order may have cancelled.


At the time of purchase on you’d only be authorized for the purchase amount, and charged once it’s been shipped or set aside for you. Depending on your financial institution these charges can appear to be pending, or deducted. This articulated in our Payment Methods, and our Cancel Your Order help guides.


I was able to locate your order number using the information you provided upon registering. It appears order may have cancelled as Best Buy wasn’t able to collect the funds for your order from your financial institution. Also, I can see that we’ve only collected funds for $29.99 for your purchase as you’ve already received your free anti-virus subscription via email. You’re more than welcome to visit our Return & Exchange Promise which explains upon breaking the bundle you’d be charged for the items not returned.


You’re more than welcome to replace your order for your computer, and monitor. I’d just suggest that you let your financial institution know prior to placing your order to ensure there’s no processing error. I’m be sending you a private message to discuss additional details regarding your Kaspersky subscription I noticed. You’re able to check your private messages by ensuring you are logged into your forum account, and selecting the letter icon in the top right-hand corner.



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