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Cancellation of Item Order

Here is my dilemma, I made an impulsive purchase of a LG 2.1 soundbar and wireless subwoofer. I've been looking for a wireless option to help baby proof my living room and I pulled the trigger on the LG 2.1 system because it was such a good price. However, I immediately had buyer's remorse because my hopes had been set on a 5.1 channel system.

I ended up continuing to browse to see if there was possibly a 5.1 system that I could justify stretching my budget for and I ended up finding one. Unfortunately it'd been an hour and half and was therefore too late to cancel the order myself online.

Would it at all be possible to have my initial item cancelled. The purchase was made with a gift card and if I have to wait a week until it's delivered I'm afraid the 5.1 system will no longer new available at it's current price (it's an open box item).

If not and I go ahead and purchase the 5.1 system with my debit card. When they both arrive would I be able to take both items to a store and have the credit from returning the 2.1 system applied to the 5.1's purchase (crediting my debit card instead of going back into a gift card)?

For example could I return both of them, then immediately repurchase the 5.1 system using the refunded gift card from the 2.1 system?

Sorry for wall of text and thanks for any help or information you may provide.
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Re: Cancellation of Item Order

Unfortunaly once the order is processed and shipping it cannot be canceled.


When it comes in I would suggest not opening the box and simply returning it.  As you purchased it with a gift card you will receive the return in the form of another gift card.


If you go ahead and buy the one you want on your debit card Best Buy will not be able to apply the Gift Card money as a payment to your bank.


At the time of receiving the new gift card you can use it to make the purchase.  But as you said the price may not be there anymore.


I think in reality you could return both of them and get a new gift card and purchase it again.  However, if they do not have anymore 5.1's in stock you may not be able to get it back right away.


I would go in and ask a manager.  I think the issue with simply applying the return money to your debit card would make the store look like it sold the 5.1 for 5.1 value - 2.1 value

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Re: Cancellation of Item Order

Greetings QuixoticRealist,


As a consumer myself I can absolutely relate to your experience. I’d be happy to answer your any and all questions regarding your order!


Can you please send me a private message with your order number beginning with BBY01-? I’d like to make sure the order isn’t in a status where I can attempt to cancel it for you. In order to send me a message directly, click on “Private Message” to the right of my signature.


In regards to the return/exchange, it’s absolutely possible to bring it in once you receive it to make an exchange. While the concern that the 5.1 may not be available is valid, I would recommend to contact your local store to make them aware that you’d like to make the purchase and exchange for the 5.1.


If there is anything else I can address, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!



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