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Best Buy IdeaX - We Did It!

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎08-17-2012 11:32 AM - last edited on ‎09-12-2012 08:49 PM by Community Web Planner Community Web Planner

IdeaXGood news!  I am happy to announce that since re-launching Best Buy IdeaX, we have implemented three ideas!  This is a great win for our customers, employees and company. 


Idea: Join the CAG website

Enuf posted this idea on IdeaX.  The CAG website is part of the Best Buy Affiliate Program.  In partnership with CAG, we are now providing them information about our deals and promotion which they can post on their website. 


Idea: Have more live celebrity chats

Thank to great work with our entertainment partners, over the past few months we have hosted more live chats. We have featured gaming developers from some of the hottest games including Prototype II and Diablo III.  We hosted a live chat with Yvette Nicole Brown, star of NBC’s television show “Community,” which offered a fun perspective for the show’s passionate fans during the season finale.  Just last month, rocker Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue connected with his fans through a Best Buy live chat.  Each event brings thousands of fans to together for an exclusive interaction with an expert or celebrity and then produces a transcript that fans continue to read on Best Buy Unboxed.  We are dramatically enhancing and differentiating our customer experience with this unique offering.  I look forward to more to come!


Idea: Increase employee awareness of social channels

Hockeycanuckjc posted an idea to make our stores more aware of the Best Buy Community.  Since launching Best Buy Unboxed in 2008, I and our Social Connections team members have worked to champion it among business teams, our retail locations and customers.  The Community annually assists millions of customers and has had over half a billion messages read on it.  Best Buy posts information on the Community about our latest products and answers customer questions; superusers like hockeycanuckjc help drive a lively and robust conversation. 


To help raise awareness of Best Buy Unboxed, I attended an annual company event and spoke with hundreds of BlueShirts and Geek Squad Agents about the Community and how they could “Be a Link” in the online customer experience by joining the online discussion.  Our internal communication team also has published several Employee News articles, and last month in our internal magazine, we have an article about how employees can be more involved in the Community.  In June, during trainings that occurred at all our stores, information about Best Buy Unboxed and our other social media channels was highlighted to all BlueShirts and Geek Squad Agents. 


Phew!  Only a few months and already three ideas implemented!  What will be next?  Vote for your favorite idea or post a new idea on Best Buy IdeaX.


by khanhn14 on ‎06-28-2013 05:11 AM

good news

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