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poor customer service/unable to return item


I am really sad about the lack of customer service I received at Best Buy earlier today.

About two and a half weeks ago I purchased an SSD for my computer. Before I could install it, my battery went and I needed to replace that as well. Since I could not afford to replace both my hard drive and battery, I was going to return my SSD for a cheaper option. I rely on my computer for work so I needed to do this right away. Before I could though I got news that my brother had passed away. So, obviously, returning an SSD was the last thing on my mind.

But ealier today (7/15) I went to Best Buy to return the SSD which was unopened and I still had my receipt. The man at customer service told me that SSD's are not returnable. I asked why not, because when I bought it I was not told that it could not be returned. He said he could make an exception, but it would have to be store credit since it was past 15 days of return. I explained to him my situation and that I really needed the money so I could travel to my brothers funeral, and that it was only 3 days past the return period, I even offered to show the news article about my brothers passing . The associate just smiled at me and laughed and said sorry I can't make an exception, I'm already making one by letting you return it. I decided not to return the item, said thank you, and left the store.

I'm really upset by the service I received today. No where online does it state that SSD's are not returnable, plus I was only 3 days late per the return policy. It really hurts my feelings that the associate just smiled/laughed at me and would not work with me at all so that I could return the item. Now not only do I not have the funds to fix my computer so that I can work, but most importantly I'm not sure how I am going to come up with money to go be with my family and go to my brothers memorial. I am just so upset that the associate would laugh at my situation. I really hope that Best Buy can make this right, and I really don't know if I can be a customer of yours after this incident. I'd appreciate it if someone would get back to me about this, and outline the correct return policy. Thank you.

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Re: poor customer service/unable to return item

Hello wicket808,


Welcome to our Community. Firstly, I'm very, very sorry to read of your loss. I know how such an event can change everything in a life and how everything that happens afterward seems to be filtered through the lens of that sorrow. That's what happened for me when my Dad passed away. I was quite discouraged to hear of your experience and of the less than appropriate interaction you had with the store associate while discussing your return. I apologize for our having disappointed you.


To the business of your request for a return, as I'm sure you know, Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise allows for the return or exchange of most products within 15 days of purchase (30 days for My Best Buy Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members). While solid state drives certainly may be returned, outside those time frames Best Buy cannot offer a return or exchange.


Despite his behavior and having provided apprently incorrect information about product returns, I was glad to hear our associate was willing to offer an exception in the form of a store credit, though I understand how that may not meet your needs. Did you speak to a manager during your visit?


Please know I'm grateful you wrote to us regarding your experience. I wish you the best in this very difficult time.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: poor customer service/unable to return item

I am very sorry about you Dad. It is a really hard time to lose someone.


The associate said he was a supervisor, and I really didn't want to stay there any longer because I didn't want to get emotional. It's really upsetting that the associate just wouldn't make an exception and laughed at me. I was 3 days past the 15 day return policy, most people and businesses would be kind and understanding because of the circumstances. It makes me even sadder to hear that if I was an elite member there would be no problem returning the SSD at all. That shows that the associate could have made a judgement call and go ahead and give me a one time execption and given me a cash refund.


I really really need a supervisor or manager from customer support to let me return this SSD and get my money back for it. I need to go be with my family right now, and I do not have money to get a ticket to go see them. I have no income right now, due to my computers battery also going, so my options are really limited right now. Please have someone get back to me on this, I really don't have a lot of time left to come up with money for a ticket back home. Thank you.

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Re: poor customer service/unable to return item

Hi Wicket seems John our Corporate Moderator gave the official response but I do want to pitch in on the return policy for our normal members the return period is 15 days and elite members is 30 days and elite plus members 45 days.

When an elite member or elite plus member performs a return outside the 15 day normal return period exceptions are not made its actually the system showing they have a 30 day or 45 day return policy and allows the return because of their status.

Outside of the return policy I would recommend calling up or if you would like to go into the store and talk with a Manager.
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Re: poor customer service/unable to return item

I know what the normal return policy is, but it hurts and is a bit insulting knowing that if I was some elite member there would be no problem returning the item. My brother died, I was too anxious to leave my house, I was 3 days past the 15 day return policy, why did the associate have to be a jerk about me trying to return it? I need to return this item so I can buy a ticket home, its really sad that best buy is being so adament about not returning past 15 days. I was 3 days late, its not like I tried to return it 3 weeks late or something rediculous. It just shows that best buy does not value their customers, we are just disposable to them.