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Worst Service on Nintendo Switch Midnight Release Pre-Order Customer

Best Buy Waterfold Lakes Orlando FL store - I made a pre-order for the Nintendo Switch Console in Jan 13 and I thought that I was lucky because the Pre-order period lasted only 24 hours. 


Last night I got into the front of the Store to discover (2) lines wich one was for Pre-orders and the second and longest line for people without pre-orders that received an special ticket because the store received more consoles.


First bad experience - The manager was the one managing the lines outside and instead take care of the Pre-order customer first and let them get inside the store first. He started to send first customers from the line without pre-orders and then just 5 or 10 of pre-orders. Once inside the store, the was no specific line for Pre-Order Customer. Only two long lines were most of the people in front of me didn't made pre-order.


When I pre-order I had to pay up-front a deposit of $50.00 to reserve my console.


Second, When I finally get to the counter that took me (1) hour. The cashier was with bad attitude. My pre-order was for Gray-color console and I was interested in the Neon-color console, but when I made my pre-order only Gray consoles were available. So When I reached the counter to pay the console I asked the employee that was with bad attitude already if is possible to get a Neon-Color console instead of the Gray-Color I pre-orderes Because I noticed the store received more consoles and Some of the people without pre-orders were buying Neon consoles. The employee reacted with negative excuses that he have to honor the pre-order only. When I asked for the Store managers the employee call him over the redio telling him " Can you please come over here to tell NO to the customer that wants a Neon Color Console instead of the Pre-order". When the manager came over, was already in the mood of say a big NO and excuses. When I told him that I pre-order the console more than month ago plus deposit of $50 in advance to pre-order and customers without pre-order were able to receive Neon-Color consoles. The manager response was that those Customers were waiting in front of the store for hours and my response was. So you are telling me that I pre-order my console almost (2) months ago and had to pay $50 out of my pocket to reserve my console and Customers that didn't gave upfront a single cent and just waited in line have more advantages that I am. Managers Answers was "YES" I cannot change your pre-order.


I know change me the console only takes. Cancel my Pre-order and gave me the console color I wanted. But they decide to opt ofr the option of say NO NO NO.


Worst Experience ever ...

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Re: Worst Service on Nintendo Switch Midnight Release Pre-Order Customer

Hey @EdwinJGomezFrank,


I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment with the midnight release of the Nintendo Switch.  I know a lot of people were understandably excited for this event, so I'm bummed to see you didn't walk away as happy as possible.  Hopefully I can shed some light on the situation here.


Pre-orders and regular orders are a bit different, but one thing that remains the same is the fact that you pay for a specific item with a unique model number.  Products with different colors or features each have their own model numbers, so even though they may be similar in price, they are considered an entirely separate product.  Because we reserved a specific item for your order, that is the item you would need to pickup in order to complete your order.  Our systems would not allow us to change the pre-order to a different system or color, meaning we would need to cancel the pre-order and have you pay in full for the other desired product.


However, since it was a midnight release, that complicates things a bit.  Although you did put down a $50 deposit for the Gray Nintendo Switch, that cannot transfer over to a product that was not reserved for you.  To remain fair for everyone in line, if you decide to pickup a console that is not included in your original order, you would have needed to wait in the queue with all other customers who did not pre-order the exact device they wanted.


This is still not an excuse for rude customer service, and I'm sorry if you felt you got a cold shoulder at checkout, but I hope this at least helps make things a bit more clear.



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Re: Worst Service on Nintendo Switch Midnight Release Pre-Order Customer

Make it fair for everyone???? Really...


Who gave $50 deposit out of my pocket in advance to Best Buy to reserve the console??? The people without Preorders gave something in advance out of their pockets???? NO So all of you at Best Buy believe that a customer that just make a line have better choice advantage than I do. Hey I finished doi g the same line and waiting just like them, that doesnt counts. 


I completely understand that my item in the pre-order have a unique part number. But I know how the process works. It was just matter of finish for the transaction and then return it, I get my money back and then make the purchase with the option I wanted. OR simply cancelled my preorder, return me the $50 deposit and then purchase the right item. 


The options were there. I'm not stupid. It was obvious that none of you at Best Buy were looking to help. Just simply rush the line as quick as possible and of course I became a problem in middle of that course of action.



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Re: Worst Service on Nintendo Switch Midnight Release Pre-Order Customer

The $50 wasn't an extra charge was it? You didn't pay that * in addition * to the full cost of the item did you?

The $50 was to reserve the grey console. If you don't want the grey console, return it. Then when more neon consoles are available buy that one.

I'm sorry you weren't given the entitlement you feel you deserve.

Before posting I try to research everything first or use my own experiences. I do not now nor have I ever worked for Best Buy. After a year and a half hiatus, I'm back working for the competition.
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Re: Worst Service on Nintendo Switch Midnight Release Pre-Order Customer

Hello EdwinJGomez,

I’m not much of a gamer myself anymore, but I certainly enjoyed playing Legend of Zelda when I was younger, and I’m seriously debating about possibly getting my hands on a Nintendo console to try out that new Zelda game. No matter the game you want to play though, I can imagine you were rather excited to get your hands on a new Nintendo Switch console, so it’s disappointing to hear your recent store visit didn’t quite go as smoothly as hoped. I’d be happy to provide some clarity and offer my assistance from here.

Like our super user, Sam15, touched on, your pre-order reserved a Gray console. This console was then placed on hold for you specifically for store pickup to ensure it wasn’t sold to another customer. Much like this, our ticketing system was in place for those waiting outside so that the extra Neon-colored consoles were “reserved” in a similar fashion in that we knew that all those consoles were spoken for. I truly apologize if this wasn’t properly explained to you at the time of your visit and for any frustration this may have caused. 

Having said that, this does not excuse the type of reported behavior you describe of our associates, and ultimately, our managers. We should always be treating our customers with kindness and respect, particularly so when we are unable to honor a request that was made. I’m sorry to hear this wasn’t your experience; however, I’m glad you took the time to let us know of it. I’d like to personally document your feedback here at the corporate office to ensure it’s internally reviewed for potential coaching and training opportunities for the future. I need some additional information from you in order to do this though, so please be on the lookout for a private message heading your way shortly. You may view it by logging into the forum and clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


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