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Terrible experience

I need someone to contact me as I have had an awful best buy experience. I brough ta model # of our TV into a store, the salesperson ensured me he had the perfect model ($200 - more expensive than we wanted to spend). I've contacted 5 people ay customer service and have gotten no help at all.

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Serious Concern

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I purchased a Rocketfish $200 TV mount for a 47" Vizio to mount outside of a small TV cubby in our home (basically covering the cubby hole since the TV we have is larger than the space available. The salesperson pushed this more expensive option stating that this was the best solution, the most sturdy and the most capable of holding a heavier TV, which the 47" Vizio is (we provided him the exact serial and model number as well). This was also over $100 more than we wanted to spend. In order to mount this, we had to build out a frame inside of the cubby-hole; essentially creating studs to mount it to similar to how it would hang on a flat wall. I also informed the salesperson of this. He again pushed this product saying it was without a doubt the best option. We built out the frame in our cubby hole, and when we went to mount the bracket to the TV to install it, THE MOUNT DOES NOT EVEN FIT THE TV. I attempted contacting your customer service through every avenue possible - chat, phone, etc. I wanted to first get an answer to the question - was I missing something and this product will in fact fit my TV? Or did the salesperson lie to me and make a claim that was untrue just to push a more expensive item? When I chatted with a support rep, they basically said they had no way to verify if a certain model of TV works with a specific mount. He actually used the excuse that since he didn't own these products himself, he would have no way of knowing if they would work together; suggesting that the only thing Geek Squad can provide help on, is products they have bought and used themselves????


They informed me that I would need to contact a home theater specialist. When speaking with them, they told me that I would need to contact Geek Squad (which is who I had already spoken to and directed me to them). When asked for an escalation, since neither group was claiming they had any info to answer my question, I was put on hold for an insanely long amount of time (I imagine this was with the hope that I would give up and end the call). Finally - roughly 30 minutes later, a new rep came on the phone, claimed she couldn't hear me speaking, quickly said I would have to call back and hung up. I WAS FURIOUS. I was speaking with her on a landline phone with a perfect connection, and she could hear me just fine. This was a clear slap in the face as a customer because as soon as I pushed for an answer that they claimed they could not provide, they jettisoned me as a customer. That is how I feel now - a customer with a legitimate need and concern and definitely a complaint is not worth Best Buy's time.


We already built out a frame on our wall to support the mount and TV (as we trusted the salesperson) that guaranteed us the mount would work for our TV It is now useless - we essentially created massive damage to our wall and are faced with two options (1) rip the frame/studs out and patch all the holes and other cosmetic damage created, find a different mount that actually does work with our TV and then begin the project again; building out a frame to fit a different mount (as their dimensions differ). (2) The simpler scenario, and possibly just as expensive or more, is that we would now need to purchase a new TV that does align with the model of TV mount we have and wall frame that we already have in place. This would now increase our cost from an original budget of $100 for the mount, to $200, add in the new TV ($500-$700), and we are now looking at the potential for this to cost us $1000.


What do you intend to do? We feel lied to, scammed, stressed and now have damage to our home if we have to rip this frame out, or an incredibly higher cost if we are forced to just purchase a brand new TV to accommodate this set up.


I've never had an experience like this with any company. And cannot tell you the strain it has caused on my family to get such a simple project completed.


Please contact me ASAP to discuss this matter further and tell me how we can make this right.


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Rocketfish™ - Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for Most 40" - 75" TVs - Black

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Re: Serious Concern

Hey Matt,


I am sorry if there was a miscommunication at the time of purchase that caused this sales associate to advise you incorrectly as to what mount you needed. If this mount doesn't fit your TV you would need to purchase one that does if you want the unit wall mounted. I'm not sure why you would have to rebuild what you did as all mounts should mount to standard stud width.


I see no reason why you would need to purchase a new TV if your Vizio is working fine; unless of course you just want a bigger/better TV. Once again I would merely suggest you exchange the mount for one that does work on this TV.



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