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Terrible Customer Service and Support in Denton, TX

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I want to first start out that I use to be a huge supporter of Best Buy and have spent thousands there over the past few years ranging from multiple thousand dollar TVs, to video games, to customer hardware, etc. However, I live near the Denton, TX store and this store has rubbed the wrong way over the past year and have dramatically turned me away from Best Buy all together. I have taken my business elsewhere to your competitors such as Amazon with generally cheaper prices and better customer service. If you could or will track my purchases you will see a significant decrease over the past 5 years. But about 6ish months ago I went into the store and bought an open box laptop that was still almost $900. It was in a closed box and stated excellent condition on the box and was guaranteed that it was. I got home and noticed a deep scratch on the front of the laptop. I went back to the store the following day since it was late when I purchased and asked to speak to a manager of the problem. I spoke with Paul, Assistant Store Manager, and asked if he would help me out with the problem. He came off very rude and informed that he wouldn't be able to help me out on it and he wouldn't even be able to take an additional 5% off for the trouble or anything. I took the laptop back home and said whatever and was very dissatisfied.


So I came back to this store today to plan on making a pretty expensive purchase on a LG 65" 4k 3D TV with HDR as well as a surround system. I ran across a deal on and was wondering if Best Buy could finally compete with their current promotion or at least come close. I first waited and had numerous employees walk by me without saying anything. I had to finally go ask for help on a TV that I was interested in. When I finally found someone, he was very nice and polite. However, I asked if they could match current promotion ( was $2.99 cheaper and came with a $500 gift card (link: (removed per forum guidelines). The employee came back and said they couldn't do what does. So I asked the employee if it was possible if they could at least compete with Dell. He said that he would ask his manager, so instead of having him walk back and forth, I asked if I could just speak with him. He said that the manager may be busy and couldn't talk to me. At that time I then see the same Assistant Store Manager, Paul, that has made me a very dissatisfied customer to best buy.


I begin to walk up to Paul and before I could even say anything he huffs under his breath in a very negative way as if he didn't even want to deal with me. And immediately started shaking his head no before he even knew what I was going to ask. I asked him if he could come down some to compete with Dell. He again said that there is nothing he could do and immediately walked away as if he didn't even want to discuss anything with me.


To me this is the brand image of Best Buy now. Not customer-centric, not willing to listen and take something in to help a customer, not caring on competition among other retailers, etc. I will be ordering my TV through Dell tomorrow unless I hear anything from Best Buy to at least compete with its competitors and to keep a loyal customer around.


Best Buy...coming from someone who works a Sr. Leadership role in retail, you need to stay relevant! You are becoming more and more each day Amazon's showroom, and have leaders in your store such as Paul deliver that message to its customer base. You are driving customers away faster than you think. Three very important things need to happen to Best Buy to ensure relevancy. First, have product ready to go...which you did. Second, compete! There was no competition when I walk into a Best Buy and decide to purchase elsewhere because of better deals. And third, protect your brand image with employees, and especially leaders in your store, to promote customer-centric attitudes, and this was the biggest downfall over my last couple of visits. is your time to step up to the plate and decide if you want to be another Circuit City or Blockbuster, or soon to be Sears.

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Re: Terrible Customer Service and Support in Denton, TX

Hello diddies,


Thanks for joining the Best Buy Community forums. Price matching is a great way to make sure that you are paying the lowest price possible, and I thank you for your interest in our Price Match Guarantee.

That Guarantee lays out the details of what we can and cannot match. While Dell is one of the online retailers that we can match, we only match prices, and not bundles such as free-with-purchase gift cards. Because of that, we wouldn’t be able to match Dell’s gift card offer.


That said, I apologize about how your interaction went in the Denton store. We never want one of our employees to make a customer feel unwelcome. Paul should have discussed our Price Match Guarantee with you, and explained why this particular request did not qualify. I will be sure to document your experiences with Paul, both concerning the laptop and the television, in our systems here at corporate. I’ll also be forwarding your concerns to the general manager of the Denton store, so that he is aware of this. We take feedback like this very seriously and use it to identify where we are falling short on our promise of expert service. Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this.


Again, I apologize for your poor experiences. I hope that you’ll be willing to shop with us again in the future and give us a chance to showcase our customer service and win back your loyalty. If you have any further questions, or if there’s anything further I can help you with, please let me know.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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