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Sony TV Magnolia Issue -

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We recently purchased Model: XBR75X940E, SKU: 5714425 and had it delivered.  The purchase was made from the North point Mall area on Haynes Bridge road.  What we discovered was the TV came in the box without any remote or the TV legs (If i wanted to put in a table).  They kept insisting that the remote and legs are hiddedn under the styrofoam.  I told them and we went back n forth quite a few times on it.  Finalyy they were convinced.  Then they calledl sony and have it arranged for me to pick up at the store location.  When I went to the store to pick up the TV stand and remote found that the stand was complete different from the TV insturctions from the TV given to us.  I went back n forth with the guy saying this is a incorrect stand but he stated for the TV I purchased that is the correct stand.  Some how I wasn't convinced and went to the TV in the store where it was mounted.  What I saw was the back of the TV was completely different from what I received.  I talked to the guy in the store and stated that the TV I have at home is not this one.  He was like that is the correct model and that is what got delivered to you.  Somehow I was not convinced to what he was saying and I went back to my home and saw the TV that I mounted and saw the model number which was not the model number showing on the box, it was a older model XBR75X940D.  I was completely surprised to see this and contacted the guy.  He too was not ready to believe me but after having send him pics of the box and the TV he finally agreed to investigate the matter.  He did reach out and agreed that we will arrange for a new TV to be delivered.  Having said that he didnt even offer anything to make up for this mess up.  What he said was that when the guys come make sure the TV is unmounted and put in box for his guys.  He didn't even offer that the guys mount the new TV.  I have to say that I am in retail business myself and if I we make a mistake like this we offer some compensation to the customer even for a small purchase and here I purchased the TV for 5k and still nothing.  I have purchased alot of thing from best buy in the past but this experience has really made me think about my choices.


Sorry to say this but that is not how business is done.. Hopefully you can email me at {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Sony TV Magnolia Issue -

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Welcome SailesMakhijani-


It’s disappointing to hear the lengths you had to go through to get the correct TV stand, and we apologize for the many obstacles you had to hurdle to get to where you are now.  Thank you for letting us know about this, here on the Best Buy forums!


For us to proceed I would need to gather some more information about the situation.  I’m hoping to gather the facts from both you and the store you have been speaking with to see what has already been discussed this far.  Let me catch up to speed by sending a private message containing any receipt customer service pins, phone number, and any information you feel should be discussed which could help out.   


I’ll be keeping an eye out for your reply, to send me the private message simply click the blue button in signature line below!




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