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Return Policy needs updating


I went to Best Buy in search of a power cord for my SONY video camera (part of which I lost).  The piece I had left has a USB plug on the end of it.  First I was directed to who I was told was a knowledgeable associate and she told me that the store did not carry a power cord for the camera but that I should just purchase a $20 USB wall charger.  I questioned her several times about whether or not this would convert the power for my video camera appropriately and she assured me it would.  Needless to say the wall charger did not work - you cannot power a video camera with that while you are recording.  


I then had to leave town for several days and could not return the item (that your associate directed me to buy, that did not work) until past the 15 day policy.  This time frame is too short.  I went to return the item at my first possible opporutnity only to be told that I could get store credit.  I do not want store credit.  I would like to have my money back for an item that does not work.  However, your 15 day timeline is unreasonable for anyone who has to do any travelling for work.  


Needless to say, I am very dissappointed in the customer service associated with your store.  You do not support the customer and sent away a customer who would have returned for larger purchases over a $20 item that you could immediately put back on your shelf to sell to someone who actually does need it.  I suggest you reconsider your return policy with the customer in mind. 


Unhappy customer.

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Re: Return Policy needs updating

Hey Alyson,


I definitely hear where you're coming from and I'm really sorry if our Return & Exchange Promise left you feeling disappointed after finding out your purchase may not have worked as expected.  I also apologize if you feel you were advised incorrectly, as I know this is never our goal.


As you're now aware, our standard return period is 15 days, unless you are a My Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus member—that increases your time frame to 30 or 45 days, respectively.  After this period ends, we unfortunately can't offer a return or exchange, so an offer for Store Credit would have been deemed an exception by store management.  Keep in mind for the future that you can request a return or exchange at any Best Buy location; it doesn't have to be the original store, so you don't need to worry if you're going out of town for a few days.


Although the store wouldn't be able to offer a full refund at this point in time, I'd personally suggest reaching back out to the store management and seeing if they would still honor their original offer.



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Re: Return Policy needs updating

Hello, Iwontbeback, and welcome to the forum!


While a universal USB charger works extremely well with multiple devices, I understand how it might not match your needs with your camera, especially if it won’t hold a charge while you’re using it. Our associates should be asking you some clarifying questions to better narrow down our available selections to ensure we can find the best charging cable to match your specific needs. It sounds like we might’ve missed the mark with that, and I’m sorry this was at your expense.


Like our super user, Sam15, mentioned though, we do have a 15-day Return and Exchange Promise (R&E) in place for most items.  While we certainly want to consider solutions that make sense for both parties involved, we are not able to accommodate all requests made. If an exception to our standard policies is granted though, it isn’t done lightly, and we proceed with them at our discretion. While I’m glad that local management is willing to honor the spirit of our R&E by offering you a return, this could explain why we’re offering store credit versus a refund. I realize this may not be ideal; however, I’d also suggest reaching out to the store to take them up on their offer.


If you have any further questions for me though, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be happy to help.



Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Return Policy needs updating



After reading this as unaffected consumer. I totally see why Iwontbeback feels frustrated. Super user Sam mentioned in a previous post that the customer is "...feeling disappointed after finding out your purchase may not have worked as expected.". I take in the prespective that he bought an item soley because a BestBuy specialist gave a trusted word that he/she can you a USB as a solution. The bestbuy specialist is in a position of knoledge across there respective department. 


It seems like Iwontbeback was asked all the clarifying questions from the product specialist but she chose to recomend a a non-working solution. 

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Re: Return Policy needs updating

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