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Return Policy and Customer Loyalty

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My name is Jeremiah {removed per forum guidelines}. I am a Certified Public Accountant in Wytheville Virginia. 


Saturday July 15, I purchased a Vizio 4K television from your store located at 105 Shoppers Way, Christiansburg, Virginia 24073. I have no complaints about the employees in the store. The customer service was fair enough and I was able to make my purchase quickly and without issue. 


The problem that I have came the next day, Sunday July 16. My fiance' and I were setting up the television for my parents (we bought it for them as a surprise), and we made a mistake. The television was sitting on the television stand during installation, got bumped, fell, and as you would expect the picture was ruined. 


So, we boxed the television back up and took it into the store. I had already read the return policy so I was almost certain what the answer was going to be when we posed the question of if we would be able to exchange it for another television. We were told that because the item was damaged outside of the store that there was nothing that Best Buy "could" do for us. Again, I want to reiterate that I have no problem with the way any employee handled this situation. 


My fiance' and I were honest people. We went into the store and told the employees what occurred and they did their job telling us that corporate policy did not support our claim and furthermore even with the protection plan our claim would not have been supported. 


I am an ethical businessperson and work in a field with a very astute ethical foundation, but this situation did make me think. What if we had gone in there and raised a muck? What if we had said the television came out of the box that way and that we wanted a replacement television? Would the television have been replaced?


I see the relationship with any company that I buy a product from as just that a relationship. There are two sides to every relationship in the world. I have chosen to make Best Buy my main outlet for electronic purchases for a number of years. In spite of my loyalty I feel shorted. I sincerely felt like the company should have had my back on this one. I am not certain what the solution to the situation is, but human error is a part of life. After having spent thousands of dollars in your store in our lives we did not feel as if we received the proper treatment with regards to this purchase. 

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Re: Return Policy and Customer Loyalty

I mean if it’s damaged they don’t take it back. If you were to say it was “damaged” outside the box they would check the condition of everything. Since it’s factory sealed they wouldn’t take it back. I wouldn’t say that they treated you bad or treated you like you weren’t loyal. A good question is if you purchase a 1500.00 car from a dealership and drive it off the lot and smash it into a telephone pole would the dealership refund you or give you another car?
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Re: Return Policy and Customer Loyalty

However, if I were to say that it came from the factory with a cracked screen it would have been my word against theirs and chances are the television would have been replaced. This is the issue at hand.


Your example of a vehicle is actually not very valid. You can not purchase a vehicle without providing proof of insurance. So the answer to your question is yes it would be replaced. Perhaps not by the dealer, but nonetheless it would be replaced. 


Which brings me to another point that the protection plan for the television would have been irrelevant. I was told by two employees in store that even with the protection plan the television would not have been replaced and that the protection plan only covers the programming and "moving parts" of the television. 


People certainly do make mistakes in life. How much do you value the relationship with your customers? Each relationship in this world requires both sides to make sacrifice and give a little if the relationship is going to continue. As a company that advertises on the platform of brand loyalty and customer service I am lead to believe that Best Buy believes that the relationship with each of its customers is binary in nature. 


If you will read my original post I think you will see that there is not much emotion involved. I am just looking for an explanation from somebody associated with Best Buy as to their viewpoint of the situation. I have not disbanded my relationship with the company in any way. In fact when told that they would not be able to replace the television I walked over and picked another one up off of the shelf. 

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Re: Return Policy and Customer Loyalty

Hello JeremiahBetz,


Purchasing a new TV is certainly exciting! I’m sorry to hear that it may have gotten damaged while you were setting it up. I appreciate your honesty in this matter, and thankful you shared your experience with us.


As you’re well aware of Best Buy per our Return & Exchange Promise isn’t able to take back damaged items. If damage was suspected prior to unboxing your local Best Buy’s leadership has been educated to handle those situations. Most times the TV, the box, and its packaging are examined for a point of impact.


Moving forward there may be other options available to seek assistance with your damaged TV. If you have Homeowner’s Insurance/Renter’s Insurance depending on your policy they may be able to assist you directly. Or your financial institution that assisted in you purchasing the TV may have options too.  



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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