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Mike Russell
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Re: Best Buy Ignite!

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I've been searching your site for a way to provide feedback re: my Recent Geek Squad Experience but couldn't identify a way to offer feedback on that service alone so I'm using this venue to describe how your Geek Sqaud team brought a 50 something year old man to tears.


As my account will show, I made NUMEROUS calls and had SEVERAL online Agent chats beginning last Fall when all I wanted was help with cleaning out caches, cookies and the link in an attempt to get my laptop to perform better.  


Since the day I bought this laptop at your Lakview Store in Chicago 21 months ago and your team loaded everything from my old computer onto the new computer, it's remain registered to my business account, which is what I needed/wanted at (removed per forum guidelines); however, during my first contact last Fall, the Ageny asked to take control of my computer and I went to lunch.


Upon my return not only did the computer perform worse but for whatever reason (I suspect it was by accident), the Agent took it upon himself to change the registration to my personal/back-up/gmail account so that, when I first booted up, it read (removed per forum guidelines)  


So, I immediately followed up with the Agent and said "(removed per forum guidelines)" and his response was "well it really doesn't matter and hung up" (indicating he didn't know what he did nor how to switch it back); and, since I was busy and had work to do, I let it go.


However, since I use Outlook for my work e-mail, all of my settings were off and over the next several weeks/months, whenever I was on the computer, I'd get these Mircrosoft pop us warning me that my settings were off and needed to be updated (a task beyond my pay grade).  In short, I was having "issues" with Outlook and my mail, in addition to the annoying pop-ups.


Given that the laptop would still function and the Holiday's hit after which I went in for major surgery, it was late January when I finally had gotten up the courage to explain what happened to a new Agent and ask him to fix it.  Over the course of the past two months, I've either called or chatted online with over a dozen Agents NONE of which were capable/knowledgeable on how to switch back the registration.


Although, in their attempts to help me, they proceeded to make the situation worse each time I asked for help such that by two weeks ago I couldn't use Outlook whatsoever.  Then, each time I called I was forced to repeat my story which, by this point was quite long; without any resolution, I asked to speak with a Supervisor but, each time I was told that there were none available (I'm not sure that was true or whether no one wanted to escalate the concern/problems I was expressing).


By the middle of last week, unable to get my e-mails and my laptop performing terribly, I was so distraught with having to explain things over and over without any resolution, I packed everything up and went to your Evanston, Illinois store and poured my heart and soul out to an Agent who could tell I was ready to kill someone and, to my astonishment, he said "you don't need to leave your laptop here and make a second trip to pick it up, if you can give me 20 minutes, I'll fix all of your problems and you can be on your way.


It would be a gross understatement to say that I was skeptical; however, the Agent was very nice, seemed knowledgeable and was willing to drop everything he was doing and work with me.  While it was certainly a very difficult ordeal that required me to call GoDaddy twice (another vendor that's given me nothing but grief and problems).  


As a Footnote: when you have a customer that's not a techie and they're stuck between calling you and Go Daddy back and forth as I was it's enough aggravation and stress to push someone over the ledge.


However, this FINAL Agent kept his word and repaired everything within the 20 minutes he quoted; moreover, he took his time to explain each road block and provided SUPERIOR customer service as he talked me down off the ledge and got me back my life.


Thus, while I will NEVER use (nor renew) Geek Squad again (I have ZERO confidence in ANY of the online Agents), I'd like to pass along that the service  Harrison (removed per forum guidelines) provided me was EXEMPLERARY, EMPATHIC, KNOWLEDGEABLE, SENSITIVE AND, MOST OF ALL, TIMELY AND EFFICIENT.


If you could put every Agent under his leadership and mentoring you'd go a long way to enhancing customer retention.  Again, it will be the last time I use Geek Squad; however, I'd like to coreniate Harrison for Agent of the year.