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Racial discrimination

Hello BestBuy,


Today was the last day I have ever set foot in your store. I went to the Cambie store in Vancouver and spent over 10 minutes in the store looking for speakers. Not one of your staff was interested to help. All 3 men - arab/indian origin were busy to chit-chat. One was talking on his phone with his buddy - it was not a business call and he totally ignored me. I was 10 meters from him. The other 2 were busy talking to each other and when I looked at them they turned away. 2 other men has passed by not one asked if they can help me with anything. 


I am a white caucasian women and I see that cultures from India and arab countries do not respect their women yet alone another race. This wasn't my first experience in your store where I was ignored and your staff were rather serving men. This is a total RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. Your staff is ignorant, disrespectful and racist. I will never buy anything from you and will encourage my friends to do so as well.


Good day,


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Re: Racial discrimination

If you're referring to Vancouver Canada then, sadly, these forums would not be the place to state your complaint. These forums deal with US based Best Buy complaints only. However, you can fill out an email form at to have them file a formal complaint.
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Re: Racial discrimination

Thank you .That link is useless because it does not provide option to file a complaint. But it doesn't matter - I am done with this company.

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Re: Racial discrimination

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Re: Racial discrimination

"*that* company"

As geishafish said, Best Buy Canada and Best Buy US are two separate companies.
I DO NOT work for Best Buy. I used to be a Geek Squad Agent for 2 years and this is why I am well versed on their policies and procedures, but I do not work for them anymore. My posts are my own opinions and do not represent any opinions of Best Buy. If you do not like my posts, and want to report me, you can do so by clicking this link and reporting me to the moderators.
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Re: Racial discrimination

Hello Tsla,


I can only imagine how it might feel to shop in a store and feel singled out. Certainly this is not the experience we wish for anyone to have! I'm discouraged to hear you've encountered this and I apologize for your having been disappointed.


As geishafish mentioned, and with apologies, this Community is intended for our U.S. customers. Please contact Best Buy Canada for further assistance with your concerns.


Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Racial discrimination

So being ignored is now considered racist. Wow.

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