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Price match guarantee is a farce

On 8/11/2017 Dell;com were selling Bose in-ear earbuds with Mic, normally $99.95 but knocked down to $39.95. I literally ordered a pair on but it had a couple weeks shipping and I  didn't to wait. So I thought I would use the Best buy system of price match so I could go to best buy, use my points, get the ear buds, and be on my merry way. I went to the Best buy on Jefferson st, Alexandria, VA, where the general manager Geoff lords over. Went in pointed out the ear buds to a blue shirt and was sent over to customer service. The price match tool didn't work for anything, it was easy enough to pull up the deal on Dell's website but not whatever the bestbuy tool is. The two people originally helping were nice but they called over the general manager Geoff, who couldn't be worse. First off he didn't think was an approved price match competitor, and that was a point of contention. He argued that point with me and only when one of his employees chimed in did he accept that. Secondly, I showed him the sale on my phone and refreshed the screen several times. Now this is the fun part... the sale actually sold out  on while I was there in Bestbuy at which point in time Geoff says:


Geoff :"well its sold out so we dont have to do it, you arent getting these for $40" 


Me: "wait... thats your policy? If it sells out then you dont have to do anything? You just made that up, you didn't even know dell was a price match affiliate. You literally saw they were available"


Geoff: "And now they're not, it was a flash sale or something... we dont have to match that."


Me: "You made that up again, you don't know your own policies Im guessing."


Geoff: "Maybe..."


Me: " You are really bad at your job Geoff"


At which point in time I left. Geoff treated me like I was lying from the get go and never was going to help at any point in time. I have a picture of the sale, and an invoice to prove it. So the price match guarantee is anything but...


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Re: Price match guarantee is a farce

While I don't agree with how Geoff handled the situation, he wasn't wrong in saying Best Buy does not price match items that are sold out or flash sales. Their full list of exclusions can be found here: but it specifically calls out sold out in this line.

"What if the competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities of the product?

Sometimes a qualifying competitor will advertise a product in ads and on its website as having limited quantities in stock.[b] If the item is out of stock or the competitor has advertised as limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching.[/b] Likewise, if Best Buy has a product that is advertised as being limited in quantity it will not be eligible for price matching."

So again, he's not wrong on [i]that[/i] portion, but his entire handling of the situation needs a lot of work and leaves a lot to be desired. is specifically called out as one of the price match candidates so I don't know where he got the idea that they were not a qualifying price match.
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Re: Price match guarantee is a farce

I am fine with this explanation, I would have just taken the L and been on my way. His stance was that because the sale was real because it sold out even though it was still listed. And regard to the flash sale, I understand,  although It is still on the page at the page but I understand what you are saying. 

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Re: Price match guarantee is a farce

Im looking at your policy and it excludes 

  • Our Price Match Guarantee covers new items (excludes clearance and open-box items). One price match per identical item, per customer, at the current pre-tax price available to all customers is allowed.

which is not anything that I descibed.

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Re: Price match guarantee is a farce

Hello christ1381,


Welcome to our Community. Best Buy's Price Match Guarantee is a terrific way to ensure you get the best possible price on exciting products like Bose earbuds. I was happy to hear you attempted to avail yourself of this offering. I was less happy to read of your encounter with Geoff and the manner in which your price match request was declined. I apologize for our having disappointed you.


geishafish has done a good job of explaining stock competitor stock outages. Additionally, our Price Match Guarantee excludes special daily or hourly sales (i.e., flash sales):


Our Price Match Guarantee does not cover:

Competitors' service prices (including delivery and installation charges), pre-order and trade-in offers, eBay store offers, and special daily or hourly sales.


I will ensure your remarks are made available to our corporate teams for review. Please know I'm grateful you took the time to share your experience and feedback with us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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