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Price Match is a Joke

I have price matching a total of 3 times and everytime it has been a major hassle. Today I tried again as the price on the Best Buy website was for 289l99, everytime I tried to order it online the price would go to 299.99. I figured I could just go in store and get the 289.99 price. I got the run around about how it was an old price and 299.99 was the price. I am pretty mad that everytime I try to use the price match it is a major hassle, it feels like Bestbuy is forcing me not to ask by making this a negative experience. I have attached a link to the screen shot I took.


It would be great if this was not an unpleastent experience. Price

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Re: Price Match is a Joke

I don't know where you're pulling this photo from. When I go to and look up DJI Osmo I get the item in the photo with at price of $299.99. When I go to the store's location, I get nothing about any products selling for less. While your photo has a date that it was taken today, there is no site information within the photo stating where this was taken (i.e. www.xwyz..... )nor is there a time stamp in the photo stating when this price is to be in effect. For all I know, this is a photo taken today of an archived photo from some other website and is an old sale price.

If the price is in effect "now" it would be reflected that way on the website, and you wouldn't need to price match it, because it would be a valid price. Price matching is supposed to be something anyone using their own computer can look up to verify, not just a photo from somewhere that no one can verify.

Good Luck though.

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Re: Price Match is a Joke

Hello PatrickDanforth,


Welcome to the forum. I agree with you wholeheartedly that obtaining a price match should not be a hassle. I understand that being denied the price match more than once would be disappointing and upsetting, and I assure you that our goal is never to discourage you from seeking out the best price available when you shop with Best Buy. 


That being said there are some conditions that must be met in order to qualify for the price match. As Walrus mentioned, in order to take advantage of our Price Match Guarantee let the associate know about the lower price still in effect at the time of your request, and they must review and verify it on a Best Buy device. After reviewing the item you shared in the picture, I see that the current price for that item is $299.99 on therefore, they would be unable to honor the price match. 


I hope this helps clarify things, and thank you for posting here on the forum.



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