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Post-Sale Price Match on Payment Plan Cell Phone Headache

There was a sale for the Galaxy S7 Edge under Verizon for $17.99 with a 24 month agreement.  I purchased this at a local BestBuy but today the price decreased to $14.99 under a new apparent sale at BestBuy.  I am still within the exchange period so I thought getting a post-sale price match would be easy.


Calling 2 local bestbuys I was told that I would need to come in, cancel the agreement, pay a $35 restocking fee, and sign a new agreement to receive the $14.99 a month price with a completely brand new S7 Edge.  They were adamant that I would have to get a brand new S7 Edge and I couldn’t keep the one I have now.  I don't want to get a brand new phone as I already have this one loaded with all of my personal information and frankly the process seems a bit ridiculous and wasteful.  I asked if a store credit for the difference was possible and they said no.


Calling another bestbuy they told me to call Verizon customer service directly and that they could reduce the price on the monthly bill.  Verizon informed me they can't do this unless the phone is sold by Verizon Official and they themselves had a lower price which I expected.  The Verizon rep explained that BestBuy should easily be able to resale/exchange my phone back to myself, keeping my phone with just the reduced price and no restocking fee.


What are my options?  I simply want to keep the phone I have without getting a new one and paying a restocking fee but I want the lower monthly price.  If Verizon said BestBuy could resale the same phone then why am I getting conflicting information?


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Re: Post-Sale Price Match on Payment Plan Cell Phone Headache

I'm pretty sure price match doesn't apply to carrier connected devices. This the reason for a return and purchase of a new one. It's a contract has to be redone because they can't just changed the terms of it to get reduced price also by returning woukd be subject to the 35 restocking fee
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Re: Post-Sale Price Match on Payment Plan Cell Phone Headache

Hello AH643,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Upgrading to a new phone is always exciting, but I understand how tricky it can be navigating the different plans and promotional offers available to you.


Chris31876 nailed the answer on this one for you. Our Price Match Guarantee will only allow us to match the price on products we sell, and not things like mobile phone installment billing plans through mobile phone carriers, so we would not be able to change the charge on your bill. The best way to get a lower offered monthly bill price would be to return your current phone within fourteen days of when you bought it and purchase a new one under the more favorable new offer if your carrier will not lower the price on their end.


As our phone support team noted, under our Return & Exchange Promise you would be looking at a $35 restocking fee to return that phone. Regrettably simply exchanging your phone for itself will not work, as the same serial number generally cannot be activated on an installment billing plan more than once. I apologize that Verizon misstated our Return & Exchange Promise and our ability to exchange the phone when you called them.


By my math, it looks like you’ll still save some money overall even with that $35 restocking fee. You should be able to transfer your data over to a new phone and factory reset your current phone if you decide to perform this exchange. If the savings offsets the inconvenience of doing this, exchanging your phone is probably the best course of action for you.


I hope that my post helps explain your situation and options. If you have any additional questions please let me know.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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