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Nonperforming item return


An Iphone 6 user for past 2 years i thought it was time to upgrade to Iphone7. The best buy lady did take patience to sell me one in contract with AT&T. However i found the phone heating up when on charge or while browsing or playing any games unlike some brand new apple device would. The battery also drained pretty fast. While on call others could hardly hear me. Disappointed, I went in to return the item, mentioned about the issues.


They resisted as much as they could starting with a rude: "I took a lot of time in selling this yesterday, this kind of issues happen. Its just the plastic, take it off, use and then come back". I said i will try it right here. I demonstrated that i couldnot hear them on call. I waited in the store, to see if the phone heated up again without the plastic. IT DID!. even in the airconditioned room. 

They argued "oh its not hot enough". What is hot exactly when u actually burn urself?


Then since i was persisting they took it in for diagnostics which didnot reflect anything. I expected it not to - because its obviously a new phone. Problems like this donot get reflected till they get really bad and too late for exchange. Then they argued: you probably browsed a lot, you had so many apps running; this is an advanced phone with high processor ... bla bla".  Well everything ran well in my old Iphone6! All this just for 35$ restocking fee. I found it quite CHEAP!!!

Well i spent a lot of time too to buy that disappointment. If they had a shred of self respect they would not have charged me. Then it didnot stop here. From their communication it appeared like i dont have to pay the fee if I get an exchange - when i did order an alternative i found i was being charged the restocking fee any way!!


35$ is not a huge amount for a person buying Iphone 7 but it definitely adds to the disappointment when you feel the product is not performing as expected and all they care about is squeezing out ur money. I did check the Apple reviews and know it for certain a new Iphone 7 is NOT supposed to heat up that way!!


P.S. i was never informed i will be charged $8 for the SIM card which comes free with the Iphone !!!!

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Re: Nonperforming item return

Greetings SatadrutaMookherjee-


Having a phone get have multiple issues along with it getting physically hot enough to burn yourself is definitely something we are going send out to make sure is not a defect of any kind.  Please accept our apologies if you do not approve of the diagnosis they provided, and we can understand how this would be frustrating if you did nothing different from your iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7. 


While I cannot speak on behalf of the store or the service center for what they consider to hot, we are sorry if the phone was getting warm enough to cause you alarm in the first place.  The restocking fee would be assessed even during the exchange period.  This $35 would be assessed at the time of the return for any opened cell phone within our 14 day Return and Exchange Promise


Realizing this is not the response you were hoping to hear please know I would like nothing more than to pass your comments along to the store, but I would need you to send me a private message by clicking the button in my signature.  Please include your customer service pin, and the purchaser’s full name.  I hope to hear from you soon!



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