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Merchandise Return

I purchased a computer and picked it up at my Best Buy store on Market Place in Irving, TX on 6/23/18.  I bought the computer to work with a new security camera system.  I later found out that Windows 10 will not work with my system. 


I was told that Best Buy had a 30 day return window.  That was for sure your policy years ago.  I have been a customer with Best Buy for 30+ years with multiple TV's, computers, appliances, music items, etc...


I tried to return this item on 7/9/18.  Apparently, this is two whole days past your return window.  I talked to a Geek Squad general manager 30+ minutes.  I just wanted to ask is this your new policy of how you are going to handle things?  The manager went from telling me that he could do nothing, to offering me a store credit that I had to spend that day to offering me a store credit to take with me.  How many times his story changed proved he could give me credit if he wanted too.  I was completely honest with the guy that we had taken it out of the box, but had not even plugged it in.  He then asked if I wanted cash back?  Why do I want cash back?  I have not paid a payment or anything as it is on your credit card.  Why cant I just get a credit back?  Acting like I am trying to put something over on him.  Jason really needs some huge customer service handling lessons!


So my question is...Is this how you handle things now a days?  You would rather alienate a lifelong customer who has spent 10's of $1000's in your store.  Just over missing the return window by two days?  As it stands now I will pay off the card when ever I am billed and close my accounts with you and make sure no one in my family ever steps foot in a Best Buy again.  It seems like you would want to keep the good returning customers that have spent large sums of money coming back.  Why not keep that customer happy where he tells friends and family what a solid you did for him instead of making that same customer so completely turned against your store?  Up to you to help with a simple mistake.  

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Re: Merchandise Return

While I understand your frustration the return policies are in place for a reason.


The management or supervisor of the store is not obligated to extend any courtesy to products that are returned outside the return and exchange policy here


It sounds like though you do not accept the resolution from the store management. 

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