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Lost $150 On Cell Return

I bought an Iphone X at BB on July 4th becuase they were running a $150 price reduction for AT&T.


I had to return the phone due to an issue three days later and decided to get an Iphone 8 since the issue with the X was unsolvable. The $150, or wharever it was for the 8, was not applied to the new phone, no discount at all, because the promotion had ended. In other words instead of exchanging for the new phone I had to return the old, cancel my service with AT&T, then buy the 8 anew and miss the discount.


I called BB customer support and after 20 minutes with the agent was told to call AT&T.


The AT&T agent was useless, didn't understand the issue but kept trying to sell me Direct TV.

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Re: Lost $150 On Cell Return

Returns and exchanges all work in this manner.  If a different product sku is chosen (even the same model, but a different color), then the promotions will not carry over.  Only a same for same exchange would keep it the same price, unless the promotion is still active.  In this case, since AT&T's promotion has expired only they can honor it or add it back.  This was why they they asked you to contact AT&T directly.  

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