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Laptop issues and absolutely awful customer service

I purchased a new HP laptop to replace my old tired one.  I plan to use this laptop for quick books training.  I took the laptop to a conference over the weekend with the intention to use it.  Well it updated itself and then wouldn't any longer ( I only got the blue screen of death). I took the laptop back to the store where the Geek Squad lady agreed it was a bummer one and suggested that exchange for a better for an additional $170.00 ( I'm now into laptop saga just under $700) I take #2 home.. well I realize that it doesn't have a cd drive but I can get one and plug and play since again, I am planning to use this as a training laptop and need to load software..really glad they were listening to me for what I need.. to be fair I just assumed it would come with a cd drive... so guess what?  Windows 10 updated itself and yup blue screen of death..I box it up, take back to the store ( all in a 3 hour window of last visit). Get a different Geek Squad lady..she was incredibly condescending.... I maybe older but I am not computer illiterate.  I am well aware of the difference between software and the "pretty packaging".  She was not listening to my concerns of this being an on going issue between HP's " pretty packaging" ( her words) and windows 10 software.  The only option I was given was for her to do a factory reset and she will call me tomorrow... I feel very played especially since what I upgraded to is really no better than the original as far as memory and ram...  not sure why the factory reset is going to take 24 hours since I had not loaded anything on it...never had a chance to... I am beyond frustrated and I am feeling scammed and seriously belittled by this girl and Best Buy.  I just wanted my $ back or at least a laptop that works.   Not sure I feel comfortable that the issue will be corrected...I can't afford for it to fail again 

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Re: Laptop issues and absolutely awful customer service

Good afternoon, KarenNicholsonIngram,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback. Using my laptop every day not just for my work, but for personal use as well, I can only imagine how frustrated I would feel if it were to suddenly give me the “blue screen of death” as you’ve described. Hearing you’ve gone through it twice in such a short span is certainly disheartening, and I apologize for the disappointment this experience has undoubtedly caused you.


I’m sorry to hear your experience with the Geek Squad team at your local Best Buy store didn’t go as I imagine you had hoped, and their level of service may not have been what we expect our customers to receive. I’m optimistic the factory reset they’re performing on your laptop will resolve the issue, but if your laptop continues to give you trouble, our Geek Squad agents at 1-800-433-5778 may be able to help walk you through some troubleshooting steps to attempt to resolve the issue.


Thanks for posting,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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