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Lack of Leadership at Lexington SC Store - Going to miss shopping there!

I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for years.  Proud of my Silver Elite status!


Shopped so much at the Lexington, SC store my family became friends with the General Manager.


Unfortunately in the last couple of years the store has lost that GM and several other managers, and it is starting to show!


Service has been getting worse for a while, but I always turned a blind eye to it because I love my Best Buy.


After our most recent purchase, I can't ignore it any longer.


We went shopping last week for a dryer and refrigerator.  We browse the appliance section for 10-15 minutes looking at al the options--no one came by.  Then I went and asked for help--no one came by.  After about 25 minutes I went to the front of the store to ask for help again.  The guy working security did offer to help, I could, he offered, look on his computer but I would have to stay up front with him.  Not really helpful.


I should have left then, but when I went back to get my wife, someone had finally come over to help.  She had helped us buy an iPhone a few months before, so I felt like we were in good hands.


She helped answer some questions.  While we were deciding and looking at the options another employee came and helped also.  So we had two employees helping--how could anything go wrong.


One of the questions we had was about the dryer.  We asked if it was possible to use our existing pedestal on a new one.  I didn't think this would work, but wanted to try.


She assured us, and even checked measurement online that it wouldn't be a problem.  The delivery team would install that for us.


They delivered the fridge and dryer yesterday.  My parents came over to be there during installation since I was working.  I got a call during the process from the delivery employee.  He said he couldn't hook up the refrigerator because he didn't have a new hose.  He said they sold you everything needed for the dryer but left off the new hose for frig.  I was a little annoyed that after spending several thousand on this purchase that they were going to not complete the job for a $20 part.  But ok, whatever.

Then I found out, after they left, that they delivery staff refused to put the pedestal on.  The claimed it wouldn't work and couldn't do that.

So I called the local Best Buy, and after 20 minutes on hold was connected to the employee that helped sell us the appliances.  He explained that there is no way possible for that to ever work.  And that I didn't remember the conversation the same way he did.  Basically told me I wasn't telling the truth.  There was no options offered, no suggested solution.  Just no, that's not what we said, never would have said that, etc.

Never been treated like that by a Best Buy employee.  

I asked that he schedule a time for delivery to come pick it up and return it.  Was told he would call me back soon with a time.  So far, no call.

For now I'll use for my shopping.  When absolutely necessary, I'll visit the Harbison Best Buy.  That one isn't close or convenient, so no more quick stops in BB.


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Re: Lack of Leadership at Lexington SC Store - Going to miss shopping there!

Hi PaulGSC – 

Welcome to our forums and thanks for bringing your experience to our attention. I’m disheartened after reading about your recent experiences at our Lexington store. Clearly we let you down on a number of fronts here, and I sincerely apologize for the misinformation and lack of service you were provided. 

That said while it’s disappointing to hear these events have affected your decision to shop with us in the future, and that you’d like to return your purchase, I’m concerned to hear that the store hasn’t gotten back to you yet. Please send me a private message with the customer service pin from your receipt, and your contact information so I may reach out to the store on your behalf to see about moving this forward. You can message me by selecting the blue button in my signature below. 

Hope to hear from you soon, 

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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