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Illegally sold iPad (According to Apple)

I purchased an Ipad mini 4 new in package a year ago from Bestbuy. Reently i upgraded to a pro and decided to give this mini to my son for his use. Upon retoring the device I found out it has a Remote device Management profile associated with this ipad for a health care company in a state i have never been to. After many trips to best buy (who says it is Apple's issue) and phone calls to Apple(who the local store says is a apple issue) still no luck. I was able to speak to Apple today and they informed me only the company that owns this profile can remove it. Since it was sold to me as new why was it there to begin with. Doesnt Best Buy check all returns to ensure they can be resold as new? I am no closer to a resolution today as i was a month ago when i began this process. I do know that according to Apple i can techincally be charged with theft from this company as according to records i do not own it. I mean it wouldn't go far as i can produce receipts proving purchase. Just a pain. I am upset to the fact that my local store has no compassion or care once an item is sold. I was basically told to contact corporate and there is nothing i can do. I tried to call the company, but they will not speak to me because i am not one of their users.

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Re: Illegally sold iPad (According to Apple)

Do you have the receipt with your name on it? When Best Buy sells you something, the serial number is scanned at the time of purchase if applicable and it may appear on your receipt. 


If you were the one that purchased it, you would have no problem going to the Apple Store and getting this resolved with the Genius Bar. 

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