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I was denied to return

Yesterday I tried to return a SD card that could not solve my cell phone memory problem, but was denied to return.I was very surprised because it was still within15 days. The third party that Bestbuy hired explained to me that the ban was based on my previous return activities.
I did return two or three times when I tried to buy a laptop last year, I was not satisfied with the speed and noise of them. It should not be my fault to return them, and it is unfair to ban me for this reason.

I was planning to buy a $1700 Nikon camera and a $1000 lens from Bestbuy, but now I have to change my mind because of the ban issue.

In the future, I will never buy anything from Bestbuy again if the problem is not solved.
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Re: I was denied to return

Sounds frustrating.


However, it is a policy at many reatailers to ban returns on those who return a lot of things.  Especially expensive laptops which they cannot any longer sell at full price so they not only take a hit on one laptop but three.  And it can be difficult to resell returned laptops.



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Re: I was denied to return

Hello unhappy2017,


As many people do, I count on the return policies of the retailers I frequesnt to count as a layer of protection for my purchases. I was discouraged to read of your recent experience having your return declined and I regret any inconvenience to you.


Like may retailers, Best Buy partners with The Retail Equation (TRE) to track returns in an effort to keep prices low for our customers. I recommend contacting TRE to acquire a copy of your return activity report. If you discover anything amiss, please contact TRE to dispute any incorrect information. You can find more information by visiting What is TRE?


Thank you for writing to us with your concerns.



John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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