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Help! Banned from returning my iPad and freaking out

Hello all..I have a very strange situation and am desperate for some help from customer service. I am a doctoral student and have been deciding between the iPad Pro's 12.9" vs 10.5". I've bought and then returned several times from Best Buy because of my indecisiveness.


So after having the 10.5" iPad for awhile, I decided to go 12.9...and went to best buy to buy an open box version that was a bit cheaper. I saw online that Best Buy had a discount on open box products; this iPad model was listed in store as $1,033 but online as $1,000. I had bought online to reserve the iPad, but when I went into the store I talked to a manager to ask if they would price match. She said that it would take an hour to show up as "picked up" in the system, but that I could leave and she would adjust the price/call me after she had done it. So I left with the 12.9, and she called me 2 hours later to say she adjusted the price.


When I got home that night I realized it was way too heavy, and so tried to return it. This is when I got told that I was flagged and was banned for returning items. I went back to the best buy and was told I could not return it because I was flagged. I've contacted the 3rd party who flags returns (TheRetailEquation) and they said there's nothing they can do.


I was told that I received a "warning" when purchasing the iPad about the fact that I would not be able to return, but I did not receive such a warning. I think what might have happened is when the manager price adjusted, after I left the store, the warning may have appeared. But I would NOT have bought this had I known I would not be able to return (I would have just gone to Apple).

I really need help in this situation as I do not want to be stuck with the iPad, and was never warned of this. Can anyone help me please? 

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Re: Help! Banned from returning my iPad and freaking out

You need to contact The Retail Equation. If you’ve returned a lot of things they might have flagged you. That’s the link on them. It’s most helpful. I hope I works out 😀
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Re: Help! Banned from returning my iPad and freaking out

Hello noahumd –


Welcome to our forums and thanks for your post. I’m sorry to hear your return warning may have been missed in a transaction processed by a manager to give you a price match, and certainly understand your disappointment and concern with not being able to make your return. That said I’ll be happy to advise you here.


Firstly please know that we utilize TRE not in an effort to punish our valued customers, but to help keep our prices low by minimizing improper and excessive returns. That said we are regrettably unable to assist with reversing a return ban, or making exceptions to a ban here on our forums. However if you contact TRE you should be able to file a dispute to be reviewed by the appropriate parties. If you have any more questions about TRE please see the link Tlari provided, or feel free to post again.


Best Wishes,  

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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