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Harassed By Best Buy Customer Service Staff - El Cajon, CA

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On August 3, 2017 I went in to Best Buy #184 in El Cajon, CA to exchange an The item was an Amazon Fire Stick. I had purchased online because it did not work correctly. I went over to the Customer Service section and was called by a Hispanic male, long hair, shaved on the sides, wore glasses and had full beard and mustache (description given because I didn't catch his name). I told him the issue I was having and asked if I could exchange the product for a new one. He pulled up my account, said I could excange it and to grab another one from the shelf. I then asked him if I could bring additional items for purchase up to the counter and pay there instead of getting line. He said I could.

I picked up one Fire Stick to exchange for the faulty one and two more to purchase. 

As I was walking up to the counter he gave me a strange look and asked me "What are those for?". I told him I was going to purchase them. he replied "Why?". I told him because I wanted to. He then told me he did not understand what I needed three for and asked me to explain to him what I was going to do with them. I told him I was going to buy them and do whatever I wanted to do with them. 

At this time he told me he needed to "investigate" my account to determine if I was a re-seller. He asked me to stand to the side while he conducted his investigation of my account. I stood there for a few minutes as he conducted his investigation. During his interrogation and investigation he had two customers at the counter next to me. It was a very awkward situation and made me feel very uncomfortable. 

After a few minutes of him going through my account another employee came up and they conversated for a minute and then I was passed to the new employee. She was helpful, but told me that I could only purchase two Fire Sticks at a time. I explained to her that I was only purchasing two and that the other one was a return from a previous purchase. She insisted that regardless of the circumstances I could only walk out the door with a total of two. So I did the exchange and purchased one Fire Stick..

I am fully aware of the "2 Fire Sticks per transaction" rule. That is not an issue. Although I don't feel the exchange should have qualified as a purchase and been included...

My issue is with being interrgoated, "investigated", embarrassed and treated like a criminal in front of other customers by Best Buy's staff. The first employee could have simply told me what the second one said. If the rule is that I can only leave the store with two he should have just said that. There was absolutely no reason to make me stand aside while he conducted an investigation into my account and purchase history as if I was in some kind of trouble.

I am an Elite Plus Member. I have spent over $34,000 at Best Buy in the last 16 months or so (check my account) and have never felt so embarrassed or intimidated as a customer in my life. I would to see some kind of action taken as a result of this harrassment or I will take the next $34,000 to Fry's. Amazon and Target.

If you would like to look up the transaction, the Customer Service PIN is:
{removed per forum guidelines}

I appreciate your time and look forward to your response.

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Re: Harassed By Best Buy Customer Service Staff - El Cajon, CA

Hello ChrisPrice,


Welcome to our Community. You know, I recall the last time I encountered an employee by whom I felt mistreated -- such events tend to stand out for everyone, I think -- and I haven't been back to that establishment since. A situation like that can create longstanding bad feelings and I always dislike hearing that they've occurred, especially with Best Buy. I apologize for your having to cope with such an unhappy experience with our associate at our El Cajon location.


While our stores may make the determination to limit quantities of products sold so that as many of our customers as possible may participate in our promotions and great prices, I agree that some level of diplomacy should be involved in delivering such information to our customers. Did you speak to a manager during your visit to express your concerns?

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Re: Harassed By Best Buy Customer Service Staff - El Cajon, CA

Any disciplinary action is internal and would not be shared with you.