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Get from Best Buy on Winter Garden FL wrong washer 200$ less price

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06/26/2017 i get from Best Buy laundry set (LG Washer WT7500CW, LG Dryer DLEX7600WE) total price 1636,86$
Everything was good until 06/01/2018 when we decide try option (Delay wash WI-FI). You have to download app and register on LG website by using S/N. When i check S/N our washer, I found out that we have the wrong washing machine from Best Buy. it was model LGWT7200CW (pictures attached). Difference was in size, 4 less functions and price 200$ less (looks almost the same like WT7500CW). Then i was immediately drive to store on Winter Garden FL to let them know about mistake. Jean {removed per forum guidelines} (sales professional) check everything and tell me that she send escalation email and someone call me back. i was waiting until June 4th (no one didn't call me back). Then i call ti BEST BUY by my self and explain my problem again (that was delivery fail only and i need replace for a wright model (I want to get what I paid for). The tell me that no one cant help me (that was store fall and I have to solve this problem with store only). All they did - send escalation email back to store and tell me that some one call me back. 2 more day - no call back. I call again to Best Buy and 2 more time i tried to explain my problem. Representative on other side telling me that is to much time and nothing they cant do anymore (i have only 30 days for return or refund) i'm tell that i don't want refund and return - I just want get my right washer. They send another escalation email back to Best Buy store on Winter Garden FL. 2 more days - no calls. 08/06/2018 i was in store again and talk with Jean {removed per forum guidelines}. She confirm that they recive 2 emails from Best Buy customer service but she tell me that last time i said my washer is working good and i don't have any problem. True - that is exactly what i tell first time (wrong washer really working well but, I just want to get what I paid for.
She tell me story about warehouse relocated to another place and they trying to looking for my LG WT7500CW they just need more time. It sounded ridiculous. Ok, ill give them one more week and see what another story they tell me next Saturday.
I hope its just a human mistake (not cheating from Best Buy). Customer please be aware - check your product carefully, when you get delivery from Best Buy.
I'll update this post, when i can get new information.

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Re: Get from Best Buy on Winter Garden FL wrong washer 200$ less price

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Forget to add ticket# {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Get from Best Buy on Winter Garden FL wrong washer 200$ less price

Hello setevoy-


I could only imagine how shocked you must have been to find out you received a different washer than what you should have received, after finding the serial number.  I too would be looking for some answers, if placed in a similar circumstance, and I’m grateful you chose the Best Buy forums for help!


I’m showing a few cases that have been opened up, and it appears the model number is lining up with the sales receipt, however, I’m wanting to take additional steps to see if I can’t be of further assistance to you!  I’ll first need to confirm who I’m speaking with is the purchaser of the appliances.  Please send me a private message containing your full name, phone number, email address, and customer service pin from the bottom of the receipt. 


Click the blue button below, labeled “Private Message,” to keep this information from the public.  I’ll have additional steps once I hear back from you, but I would need to first confirm who I’m speaking with, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 



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