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Fustrating Car Audio Experience, Rivergate #172

Went into the store 03/05/17 (Micah) and purchased a model that we later found did not meet our needs (auxiliary access), so returned to store on 03/08/17 to return/exchange. The display of available stock remained in complete Utter Chaos regarding on-hand stock and product numbers matching the posted display tags.


The sales associate this visit (his name eludes me) was not as accommodating or interested in customer service when trying to navigate what was advertised on display and what was really in stock or available at another near-by store. He was called to the front to get "credit" for the sale by the management staff, so his info. is in the system.


Being the persistent paying customer that I am, and to get a product that matched what we wanted.... I sought out a management level store employee (Jarrad B). Not only with his assistance were we able to smoothly return the car audio that was unsatisfactory, but we were also assisted (on the 2nd request during our visit) in locating the In Store Advertised sale upgrade model (Brentwood) that was everything we wanted. If a customer is willing to invest the time and do the driving to complete a Purchase ($) the store staff should be able/willing to do the research!


2 out of 3 Madison store employees made the audio dept. visits tolerable, but even with the "current product re-coding/up-grading" in progress the customer experience should not be this Difficult or Frustrating! Get The Inventory Together In Your Car Audio Department!


Suggestion: When a department is lacking in organization and inventory, the sales associates should try to bridge the Deficit gap with Good Customer Service!!   



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Re: Fustrating Car Audio Experience, Rivergate #172

It certainly would seem that there could be alot of cross training, along with alot of organization, I am glad to hear that your experience was saved by two employees.  I realize that this doesn't make up for the troubles that this has caused you and with your feedback I do hope that the stores in question can use this as a training to improve in the areas that are lacking attention.


Thank you for the time that you took to join and write with the community!  Your valuable feedback is how we can train future employees to better serve our customers.  Have a great day!

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Re: Fustrating Car Audio Experience, Rivergate #172

Greetings Tank17,


I want to offer you my sincerest apologies for your recent experience at the Micah store. We truly put a lot of time into making sure all of our employees are provided with the tools and resources in order to assist our customers as much as possible. Being a former Blue Shirt employee myself, I understand that it’s difficult to know everything about every department. However, that’s no excuse to leave you with that burden.


I’m glad in the end your experience was restored by two employees. I want to assure you that I will share your interaction with the leadership of the Micah store and will document it all on a corporate level so it remains visible to the appropriate parties. We truly do value all the feedback we can get and want to thank you for take the time for sharing this with us.

If there is absolutely anything else you’d like to address, please don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention.



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