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Filing a complaint

I bought a new iPhone and did not want to wait for an Amazon delivery so I went to the local Best Buy in Webster, Texas. I purchased a case which was fine and a Zagg HDX invisible shield for the front. The Zagg product was based on the recommendation of the sales person as the "best protection available".


When I got home I opened it and found that the only things in the package were a damaged shield (stuck to the packaging and already dirty) and the instructions. Everything else was missing.


On Monday I took it back to another Best Buy in Houston near the Galleria. I went to customer service and the assistance manager, Yvonne, was behind the desk.


Things immediately got hostile with her and she was less than helpful. I asked for a refund or a credit toward a different product. She told me I could only get an exact replacement. I asked how we would know that it would also not be the same condition as the first and she said they would open it right there making it unreturnable and would not allow me the credit to upgrade.

I asked to speak with the supervisor and she kept saying she was the highest authority person in the store. I told her you are an Assistant Manager which means there is a manager above her. Still she refused. I told her I was going to film her opening the package so it would be clear it was not me.


She told me I could not film her and that If I attempted to film her, she would have the police escrot me from the store. I told her to call them.


At that point she pushed the package back to me and said she was not going to give me a return, refund or exchange and I should leave.


I immediately called BB Customer Service and once again, got level 1 script responses so I went another route. I called Zagg and filed a complaint with them about their supplier and how they treated customers trying to buy their products.


The Zagg representative was very apologetic, said they would let their Channel Management know and offered to send me out an upgraded protector at no charge.


The net of this is that could have been easily accomplished in the store if anyone other than a low-level, poorly trained person would have handled this and Best Buy would still have a customer.


Instead, Zagg has my continuing loyalty and Amazon will get my money in lieu of me supporting the local Best Buy store.


Way to go Best Buy.


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Re: Filing a complaint

Hello ddgimenez,


It hasn't happened often, but I've occasionally purchased products and, upon getting them home, discovered that they were not in the condition they should have been. However, I can only imagine having to cope with the kind of experience you've described upon visiting our Webster location for your return. Certainly this was not the stellar experience to which we aspire and I apologize for our having disappointed you.


I will forward your remarks to the store's general manager so he or she is made aware of your experience.


While I understand your reasons, I'm still disheartened to hear that these circumstances may affect your choice of Best Buy as a future shopping destination. It is my hope you will give us a new opportunity one day soon to earn your loyalty.


Thank you for writing to us.



John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Filing a complaint